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Series:Community Development Investment Review 

Journal Article
How Collaboration Drives Community Development Innovation in Los Angeles

This essay explores how the City of Los Angeles embraced collaboration in the face of major cuts to funding for affordable housing. Leveraging the themes of What Works, the City sought new partners and opportunities for better alignment to improve multiple aspects of the affordable housing system, from financing and transit-oriented development to the use of public lands and formation of a housing research library.
Community Development Investment Review , Issue 1 , Pages 021-025

Journal Article
Hunting for data sources: how improving data can increase capital for emerging domestic markets

The data on emerging domestic markets are fragmented, non-standardized, and not widely accessible. One way to remedy this information gap would be to create a ?data consortium? that leverages existing resources and uses them to build an integrated database. Increasing the amount and quality of data available on EDM firms would provide opportunities for improved analysis, policymaking, capital flow, and product development.
Community Development Investment Review , Issue 2 , Pages 16-33

Journal Article
Learning from the past: the asset disposition experiences of the Home Owners’ Loan Corporation, The Resolution Trust Corporation, and the Asset Control Area Program

While there is little to celebrate in the current foreclosure disaster, one potential silver lining in the large number of bank-owned properties is the opportunity to turn those properties into community assets. A May 2008 conference hosted by the Furman Center for Real Estate and Urban Policy at New York University and sponsored by the Ford Foundation brought together policy experts and practitioners to share best practices for ?Transforming Foreclosed Properties into Community Assets.? Most of the discussion focused on what can be done by partners working together at the local level. The ...
Community Development Investment Review , Issue 1 , Pages 43-52

Journal Article
"Impact Investing": theory, meet practice

Community Development Investment Review , Issue 02 , Pages 48-52

Journal Article
Using social impact bonds to spur innovation, knowledge building, and accountability

In this article, we propose a vision of a social impact bond (SIB) model that moves beyond just achieving cost-savings to spurring innovation, knowledge-building, rigorous evaluation, and, potentially, outcomes that go beyond cost savings. We discuss two of the key rationales for SIBs: securing new resources to expand programs more broadly and ensuring that government only pays for successful programs that save money. Both are important goals but are also limited. We therefore propose a more expansive vision of the SIB model.
Community Development Investment Review , Issue 01 , Pages 057-062

Journal Article
Seeding civic engagement

Profiles four creative placemaking projects that have seeded civic engagement: Sonoran Desert Retreat Center and Residences; Great Chicago Fire Festival; and Creative Trails at the Artery.
Community Development Investment Review , Issue 02 , Pages 101-115

Journal Article
The Mental Health Imperative: Learning from History and Innovating Forward

Community Development Investment Review , Issue 1 , Pages 13-20

Journal Article
The disability housing market: opportunity for community development finance as the Americans with Disabilities Act turns 20

A home is more than just an address, more than just a place to hang your hat. For many of us, the first time we feel independent is when we sign our first lease, buy our first set of dishes, and pay our first bills. For many, the most strenuous part in finding a place to live is meeting the right real estate agents, or finding a home with enough bathrooms, or one with a decent-size kitchen and adequate sunlight.
Community Development Investment Review , Issue 3 , Pages 088-096

Journal Article
Mission insurance: how to structure a social enterprise so its social and environmental goals survive into the future

Can a business?s social mission survive when a profitable social enterprise sells to a multinational? The twin stories of Ben and Jerry?s and Better World Books stand as bookends in the answer to this question. Ben and Jerry?s is the common story: selling means selling out. Better World Books has a different ending.
Community Development Investment Review , Issue 2 , Pages 01-06

Journal Article
Case study: Selling affordable housing loans in the secondary market

The California Community Reinvestment Corporation (CCRC) is a nonprofit Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) formed by a consortium of California commercial banks in 1989 to provide permanent mortgages for affordable housing projects. Historically, CCRC has funded its mortgage program through a credit line provided by its fifty member banks, but it has bumped up against its credit limit as it has increased loan production. One solution to this problem has been selling loans to free up credit-line availability for new loans. CCRC had bad experiences with early efforts to sell ...
Community Development Investment Review , Issue 1 , Pages 49-55




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