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Series:Communities and Banking  Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of Boston 

Journal Article
Mapping New England: real estate owned properties in New England
Lenders often end up owning places they foreclose on. Understanding where such real estate owned (REO) properties cluster may help communities to target stabilization funds better.
AUTHORS: Lee, Kai-yan
DATE: 2009-07

Journal Article
Making microenterprise easier
AUTHORS: Kanders, Kristin
DATE: 2001-07

Journal Article
Regionalism picks up speed: New England states find common ground
Initiatives crossing northern New England state borders?including Amtrak?s Downeaster service, joint Maine and New Hampshire efforts to save Portsmouth Naval Shipyard jobs, and Northern Forest Center collaborations?suggest regional economic activity is bigger than ever.
AUTHORS: Morgan, Chuck
DATE: 2008-01

Journal Article
Changing direction: one banker's journey from NYC to Brattleboro
Mike Mandracchia leads off this series with his personal perspective on what it means to be a community banker - and the switch in lifestyle from New York City to a small town in southern Vermont.
AUTHORS: Mandracchia, Mike
DATE: 2002-07

Journal Article
Benefitting both nonprofits and donors: charitable lead trusts
New estate-planning and charitable-giving instruments can make resources available to community development groups and other nonprofits immediately. Have your donors heard?
AUTHORS: Clymer, John H.; Connolly, Sarah T.
DATE: 2006-01

Journal Article
From subprime mortgages to subprime credit cards
Since the 2005 changes to bankruptcy law made subprime products safer for credit card companies, they are promoting more cards to consumers with poor credit. High up-front fees and penalties may call for consumer caution.
AUTHORS: Anderson, Margo
DATE: 2008-10

Journal Article
A nonprofit chooses a path to expansion
Successful nonprofits often wonder whether to grow and, if so, how. In 2006, the Massachusetts-based MY TURN began an in-depth self-assessment as part of a strategizing process that may be instructive for other organizations.
AUTHORS: Boasberg, Margaret; Christiansen, Barbara
DATE: 2009-04

Journal Article
Age-restricted housing in New England
Fair Housing Act amendments exempt housing restricted to ?older persons? from provisions protecting families with children from discrimination. But municipal leaders who believe that promoting over-55 housing will reduce education costs are in for a rude awakening.
AUTHORS: Francese, Peter
DATE: 2008-10

Journal Article
Regulation M: improved protections for consumer leasing
A review of the new Regulation M and its segregated disclosures, intended to protect consumers during the leasing process.
AUTHORS: Lewis, Carol
DATE: 1998-07

Journal Article
Understanding concentrated poverty
The Federal Reserve and the Brookings Institution have been collaborating on national concentrated poverty research. The author studied three Springfield, Massachusetts, neighborhoods with a combined poverty rate of 43 percent.
AUTHORS: Green, DeAnna
DATE: 2007-10




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