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Series:Chicago Fed Letter 

Exploring the new face of retail payments (special issue)

At the Chicago Fed?s 2011 Payments Conference, held on May 19?20, participants discussed how changes in consumers? behavior in the wake of the financial crisis and recession can translate into opportunities and challenges for both traditional and nascent payment providers. They also focused on the impact of payment innovations and new consumer protection regulations.
Chicago Fed Letter , Issue Sep

Reforming Social Security to Save Social Security

The biggest social safety net in the United States is the Social Security program, which provides retirement benefits totaling almost $900 billion to 54 million individuals. It is a concern for all but the wealthiest, then, that Social Security faces insolvency: The U.S. Social Security Administration predicts that in 2020, the costs of the program will exceed its income. This suggests it is critical for policymakers to evaluate whether there is a path for social security reform that will improve people?s welfare both before and after retirement while restoring the program?s solvency.
Chicago Fed Letter

What do U.S. life insurers invest in?

Researchers at the Chicago Fed Insurance Initiative are analyzing the role that the insurance industry plays in financial markets and the economy as a whole. This article presents an overview of life insurers? financial asset holdings, the industries they invest in, and how the value of their investments would change if there was a large negative shock to asset values.
Chicago Fed Letter , Issue Apr

1991 outlook-stumbling over uncertainty

Chicago Fed Letter , Issue Feb

Self-employed immigrants: an analysis of recent data

This article identifies the factors that influence the self- employment decision for U.S. immigrants, including human capital, years in the U.S., geographic concentration, and labor market characteristics.
Chicago Fed Letter , Issue Apr

Cross-state evidence on the relationship between unemployment and wage growth

Chicago Fed Letter , Issue May

How do sudden large losses in wealth affect labor force participation?

The authors assess whether the sudden large losses in household wealth due to recent declines in stock and home values have significantly affected the U.S. labor market. They find that the overall labor force participation rate would be 0.7 percentage points lower were it not for the declines in the values of stocks and houses over the 2006?10 period.
Chicago Fed Letter , Issue Jan

Symposium on OTC Derivatives—A Conference Summary

The People?s Bank of China (PBOC) and the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago sponsored the Symposium on OTC Derivatives in Shanghai on May 23, 2017, in conjunction with CCP12, a global association of major central counterparties (CCPs). The conference focused on current risk management and regulatory issues facing CCPs.
Chicago Fed Letter

Labor Issues Facing Agriculture and the Rural Midwest

Agriculture; Employment; Labor market; Midwest;
Chicago Fed Letter

Flooding and Finances: Hurricane Harvey’s Impact on Consumer Credit

This article examines consumers? borrowing behavior and debt levels in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. We find that high levels of flooding from Harvey were associated with modest increases in auto loan balances, but moderate decreases in mortgage balances. In general, the storm did not hurt consumers? credit access according to the limited measures we investigate. These results are influenced by a number of factors, including federal disaster assistance, insurance payouts, and creditors permitting temporary postponements in loan payments, with such delays not being reported to credit bureaus.
Chicago Fed Letter




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