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Series:Asia Focus  Bank:Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco 

Periodic Essay
The rise of Asian sovereign wealth funds
This Asia Focus provides an overview of sovereign wealth funds, evaluates the structure and activities of major funds in Asia, and compares the transparency of Asian funds relative to international best practices.
AUTHORS: Borst, Nicholas
DATE: 2015-03

Periodic Essay
Burma – paving the road to a modern banking system
This Asia Focus report provides a historical background of Burmese banking crises, analyzes recent and upcoming regulatory reforms, and evaluates hurdles to the development of a modern banking system.
AUTHORS: True, Linda
DATE: 2015-06

Periodic Essay
China: an evolving housing market
AUTHORS: Lung, Richard
DATE: 2005-06

Periodic Essay
Foreign banks' new China strategy
AUTHORS: Dan Fineman; Lung, Richard
DATE: 2005-07

Periodic Essay
Japanese city banks: unwarranted housing loan expectations
AUTHORS: Baxendale, Birgit
DATE: 2005-09

Periodic Essay
Deposit insurance programs in Asia
AUTHORS: Baxendale, Birgit
DATE: 2005-03

Periodic Essay
Prudential liquidity standards in Asia
Since the outbreak of the global financial crisis, regulators have increased their focus on the ability of banks to measure and manage liquidity risk. In December 2009, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (the Basel Committee) identified ineffective liquidity management as a key characteristic of the crisis and highlighted the lack of attention that liquidity risk received relative to other risks prior to the crisis. Recognizing the key role of illiquidity in the crisis, the Basel Committee included two global minimum liquidity standards as part of the recently announced Basel III supervisory framework to be implemented over the next seven years. Notably, regulators in a number of Asian economies have had prudential liquidity standards in place for many years. This Asia Focus report defines liquidity and liquidity risk, examines some common prudential liquidity standards in key Asian economies, and briefly considers the potential impact of the proposed Basel III standards on global liquidity risk management.
DATE: 2011-03

Periodic Essay
Banking reform in Vietnam
Vietnams banking sector is expected to have one of the highest growth rates in Asia during the next few years due to the countrys continued economic expansion, rising household incomes, and relatively low penetration of existing banking services. Over the past two decades, the Vietnamese government has undertaken a series of reforms to strengthen and modernize the sector as part of the countrys move towards a more open and marketoriented economy. Many of these reforms have also been motivated by Vietnams growing participation in international agreements and ongoing efforts to adopt international standards such as the Basel capital framework. Key reforms include a restructuring of the banking system, a gradual opening to foreign investment, the partial privatization of state-owned banking institutions, and measures to strengthen the capitalization of Vietnamese banks. This Asia Focus report provides an overview of Vietnams banking sector, reviews significant developments since the mid 1980s, and highlights key challenges to reform implementation.
AUTHORS: Ho, Anne; Baxter, R. Ashle
DATE: 2011-06

Periodic Essay
Credit bureaus in Asia
Rising personal income levels and increasingly competitive lending markets have led to rapidly growing consumer credit in Asian economies during the past decade. However, in many cases this expansion of credit outstripped financial institutions ability to manage the associated increase in credit risk. The rising number of credit card defaults and subsequent personal bankruptcies in economies including South Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan in the early- to mid-2000s demonstrated the need for Asian lending institutions to employ more robust credit risk management tools. Credit bureaus, which collect information about an individuals credit history and existing financial obligations, have served as one such tool and helped reduce credit risk and the number of defaults and bankruptcies. This Asia Focus report examines the development of credit bureaus in Asia, focusing on their purpose and function, ownership structure, and the scope of information they provide. The report also explores the legal and regulatory environments in which the credit bureaus operate.
AUTHORS: anonymous
DATE: 2011-10




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