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Nationally, Housing Recovery Finally Gains Traction

U.S. housing markets experienced a notable boom and a painful bust during the past decade. Most recently, housing began its long-awaited recovery?the subject of the Dallas Fed?s 2013 Annual Report. In three essays, widely recognized housing expert and associate director of research John Duca shares insights on the national and regional markets and the outlook for housing.
Annual Report

Formulating a consistent approach to monetary policy

1995 Annual Report essay
Annual Report , Volume 10 , Issue Mar , Pages 2-19

E-commerce is changing how we work and live

Annual Report

The churn--the paradox of progress

Annual Report

Vanquishing too big to fail

The Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas balanced myriad roles in 2012, stepping up outreach efforts, banking supervision responsibilities, research production and educational programs during a challenging period for the economy.
Annual Report

Sustaining price stability. 2003 annual report of the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

Annual Report

The San Francisco Fed and the West: a century of reinvention

John C. Williams and Sam Zuckerman explore how our region grew into an economic and cultural pacesetter for the world, and how the San Francisco Fed evolved to become part of a 21st century central banking system. The story offers important lessons on what it took for the West to become a force for economic progress during the past century and how the qualities rooted in the spirit of the region will be essential in the years ahead.
Annual Report , Issue 1 , Pages 1-9

China in the global economy. SF Fed President John Williams talks with Zheng Liu, Mark Spiegel, and Fernanda Nechio of the international research team about China's economic slowdown and how it's affecting global economic activity

In the 2015 annual report, What We've Learned...and why it matters, we share our research findings about the slowdown in China's economic growth and its effects on the U.S. economy, emerging market economies, and global commodity markets. Cyclical and structural factors underlie the slowdown. We discuss the impact of trends in exports and investment, and the country's transformation from a manufacturing-based economy to a service-based economy. We believe China's days of 10 percent economic growth likely are over.
Annual Report

Sovereign debt: a modern Greek tragedy

Essay from the 2011 Annual Report.
Annual Report

What we’ve learned ... and why it matters. 2015 Annual Report President's Letter

2015 Annual Report President's Letter. Report consists of web-text, videos and podcasts, available at:
Annual Report



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