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Four common misconceptions about the Federal Reserve

Remarks by Eric S. Rosengren, President and Chief Executive Officer, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, at the Boston Economic Club, Boston, Massachusetts, November 16, 2011
Speech , Paper 52

Globalization and the Latin perspective (with reference to Las Meninas)

Remarks at the Central Bank of Argentina, Buenos Aires, April 19, 2006 ; "My business contacts talk and act as if the globalization now under way will bring another decade of intense competition. This hothouse will enable--perhaps even force--businesses to keep productivity growth in the range we have enjoyed since the mid-1990s--hopefully, for many years to come. If labor productivity growth can stay near 3 percent, monetary policy can accommodate relatively faster growth without igniting inflation."
Speeches and Essays , Paper 72

The economy and monetary policy: follow the demand

Presentation to The Forecasters Club, New York, New York, February 21, 2013
Speech , Paper 116

A Long, Long Way to Go

During an event in Nashville, Tenn., St. Louis Fed President James Bullard discussed the case for monetary policy normalization, noting that the FOMC's objectives for unemployment and inflation have essentially been met but policy settings remain far from normal. He said that, even during normalization, the Fed's highly accommodative policy will be putting upward pressure on inflation, encouraging continued improvement in labor markets, and providing the best contribution to global growth that the Fed can provide.
Speech , Paper 248

Financial stability: the role of the Federal Reserve System

Remarks at the Future of Banking Regulation and Supervision in the EU Conference, Frankfurt, Germany.
Speech , Paper 125

Transparency and monetary policy

Presented by Charles I. Plosser, President and Chief Executive Officer, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, University of California, Santa Barbara Economic Forecast Project 2012, May 3, 2012
Speech , Paper 69

The Federal Reserve System and Community Development: The Why, The How, and The What 2017 Policy Summit on Housing, Human Capital, and Inequality, Cleveland, OH

Over the past 14 years, the Policy Summit has brought together community development practitioners, researchers, funders, policymakers, and others interested in strengthening our communities so that all people have the opportunity to productively engage in our economy and to share in its benefits. As is clear from the many conversations we?ve had over the past two days ? and over the past 14 years of this summit ? there are no easy answers. But there are some answers. I will touch on ?the why, the how, and the what? of this work: why we at the Fed see our community development efforts as ...
Speech , Paper 84



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