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The CRA at 40: Law Remains a Cornerstone of Community Development

What monetary benefit does the Community Reinvestment Act bring to Texas? The Dallas Fed analyzed the performance evaluations of Texas banks and polled bankers to assess how much the 40-year-old law is contributing to communities in need and whether it should be modified.
Community Outlook , Issue 1 , Pages 1-16

Does public capital crowd out private capital?

Staff Memoranda , Paper 88-10

Sustainable plans

We propose a definition of time consistent policy for infinite horizon economies with competitive private agents. Allocations and policies are defined as functions of the history of past policies. A sustainable equilibrium is a sequence of history-contingent policies and allocations that satisfy certain sequential rationality conditions for the government and for private agents. We provide a complete characterization of the sustainable equilibrium outcomes for a variant of Fischer?s (1980) model of capital taxation. We also relate our work to recent developments in the theory of repeated ...
Staff Report , Paper 122

Money demand, transactions proxies, and the effects of fiscal policies in open economies

Research Paper , Paper 8602

How do college students form expectations?

This paper focuses on how college students form expectations about various major-specific outcomes. For this purpose, I collect a panel data set of Northwestern University undergraduates that contains their subjective expectations about major-specific outcomes. Although students tend to be overconfident about their future academic performance, they revised their expectations in expected ways. The updating process is found to be consistent with a Bayesian learning model. I show that learning plays a role in the decision to switch majors, and that major-switchers respond to information from ...
Staff Reports , Paper 378

Technological diffusion through trade and imitation

An endogenous growth model is developed demonstrating both static and dynamic gains from trade for developing nations due to the beneficial effects of trade on imitation and technological diffusion. The concept of learning-to-learn in both imitative and innovative processes is incorporated into a quality ladder model with North-South trade. Domestic technological progress occurs via innovation or imitation, while growth is driven by technological advances in the quality of domestically available inputs, regardless of country of origin. In the absence of trade, Southern imitation of Northern ...
Staff Reports , Paper 20

2011 Annual Report to the Congress on the Presidential $1 Coin Program

Pursuant to section 104 of the Presidential $1 Coin Act of 2005 (Public Law 109-145), the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System is required to submit an annual report to the Congress on the remaining obstacles to the efficient and timely circulation of $1 coins; on consultations with industry representatives, the vending industry, and other coin-accepting organizations; and recommendations for legislative action that the Board may determine to be appropriate. Since our 2010 annual report, the Federal Reserve Banks (the Reserve Banks) distributed nearly 290 million James Buchanan, ...
Reports and Studies

The Federal Reserve System: Purposes and Functions

This is the ninth edition of The Federal Reserve System: Purposes and Functions. It has been revised by staff members of the Federal Reserve Board to reflect the changes that have taken place in the monetary, regulatory, and other policy areas since publication of the eighth edition in 1994. It incorporates major changes in the law and in the structure of the financial system that have occurred over the past decade.
Reports and Studies

“CFI COVID-19 Survey of Consumers — Wave 5 Supplies More Details on Disruptions and New Data on Savings

This report shares results from Wave 5 of a national survey of consumers investigating COVID-19 impacts on job status, income, and personal financial security.
Consumer Finance Institute Research Briefs and Special Reports

Resilience and Recovery: Insights from the July 2022 Eastern Kentucky Flood

Because of its topography, location, and coal mining legacy, eastern Kentucky has a long history of flooding. This report focuses on housing in the 13 counties declared federal disaster areas after the July 2022 flood.
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