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Periodic Essay
A comparison of loan loss allowance practices in Asia

This Asia Focus provides a brief background on loan loss allowance and the associated supervisory guidance in the United States and compares different applications of loan loss allowance regulatory and accounting standards in some Asian economies. The report also highlights proposed alternatives for reconciling the varying goals of loan loss allowance practices and provides a brief assessment of their potential impact on Asia.
Asia Focus , Issue Jun

Periodic Essay
Mobile banking in Asia

Technology has transformed the banking industry with the introduction of mobile banking services that offer unprecedented convenience and accessibility to customers. This Asia Focus report describes the various approaches to mobile banking in Asia, and examines how particular countries have addressed regulatory issues.
Asia Focus , Issue Nov

Periodic Essay
Anti-money laundering reforms and trends in Asia

Asia Focus , Issue Jul

Periodic Essay
College Inadvertently Increases Racial and Ethnic Disparity in Income and Wealth

Important new research finds that ?colleges successfully ?level the playing field? across students with different socioeconomic backgrounds,? which the researchers approximated with family income. However, this research does not consider an individual?s race or ethnicity as a predictor of success.
In the Balance , Issue 16 , Pages 1-3

Periodic Essay
Housing crash continues to overshadow young families' balance sheets

In the Balance , Issue 7 , Pages 1-6

Periodic Essay
The Middle Class May Be Under More Pressure Than You Think

In the Balance , Issue 11 , Pages 1-4

Periodic Essay
Deposit insurance programs in Asia

Asia Focus , Issue Mar

Periodic Essay
China: an evolving housing market

Asia Focus , Issue Jun

Periodic Essay
Which Families Are Most Vulnerable to an Income Shock such as COVID-19?

Families without enough "safe" assets and too much debt are at risk—who else should policymakers and others target for economic assistance?
In the Balance

Periodic Essay
Household Wealth is at a Post-WWII High: Should We Celebrate or Worry?

In the Balance , Issue 17 , Pages 1-3



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