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Periodic Essay
Reflections from Loretta J. Mester

I struggled with whether or not I should send out a message after the Atlanta attack. On the one hand, I believe such a heinous act requires condemnation and a public statement that I, and the institution I lead, are committed to championing diversity, equity, inclusion, and economic opportunity. It would be wrong to just look away. On the other hand, reacting only by going on record as being against atrocious acts like this feels too much like resigned acceptance that this is the way things are. Social responsibility requires us to act. The hard question is what can be done to reduce the ...
Reflections by Loretta Mester , Volume 2021 , Issue 01 , Pages 1

Periodic Essay
Choosing to Fail or Lack of Choice? The Demographics of Loan Delinquency

In the Balance , Issue 15 , Pages 1-3

Periodic Essay
Banking reform in Vietnam

Vietnams banking sector is expected to have one of the highest growth rates in Asia during the next few years due to the countrys continued economic expansion, rising household incomes, and relatively low penetration of existing banking services. Over the past two decades, the Vietnamese government has undertaken a series of reforms to strengthen and modernize the sector as part of the countrys move towards a more open and marketoriented economy. Many of these reforms have also been motivated by Vietnams growing participation in international agreements and ongoing efforts to adopt ...
Asia Focus , Issue June

Periodic Essay
China’s interest rate liberalization reform

This Asia Focus report explains the importance of interest rate liberalization in China, reviews historical progress and current efforts made to date, and discusses the potential impact on the banking sector.
Asia Focus , Issue May

Periodic Essay
Implementation of anti-money laundering standards in Asia

Global money laundering and terrorist financing activities impose significant costs on the world economy by damaging the effective operations of national economies. In response to the challenges posed by these activities, Asian governments and regulators have strengthened their anti-money laundering (AML) and combating the financing of terrorism (CFT) regimes by adopting standards set by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), an intergovernmental agency that develops and promotes policies to combat AML/CFT. Economies in the region have strengthened AML laws, established financial ...
Asia Focus , Issue Nov

Periodic Essay
Labor market trends in Massachusetts regions: metro south/west

The profile of the Metro South/West reveals that the region's residents and its workforce have remarkably high levels of education, but looking forward, the region faces the demographic challenges of an aging population.
Labor Market Trends

Periodic Essay
Global recovery: Asia and the new financial landscape

On June 7 and 8, 2010, the Federal Reserve Bank of San Franciscos biennial Conference on Asian Banking and Finance considered the Global Recovery: Asia and the New Financial Landscape. The Conference is the fourth in a series begun in 2007 to examine the role of Asia in global finance. This Asia Focus report, written by Chris Sigur, provides highlights of perspectives on the global financial crisis that were shared at the conference.
Asia Focus , Issue Sep

Periodic Essay
Housing rebound broadens the wealth recovery but much more is needed

In the Balance , Issue 5 , Pages 1-4

Periodic Essay
Shadow banking in China: expanding scale, evolving structure

This Asia Focus provides an overview of shadow banking activities in China, their close ties with banks, reasons behind their rapid rise, the range of participants and products, and regulatory issues.
Asia Focus , Issue Apr

Periodic Essay
Labor market trends in Massachusetts regions: Central Mass

Using the most recent data available, the Central Mass regional labor market profile provides a detailed picture of the region?s current and future labor supply. For context, it also provides detailed information on labor demand in the region over the past decade. This profile is designed to help guide workforce development professionals, policy makers, and civic, education, and business leaders as they make decisions about education and training opportunities.
Labor Market Trends


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