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Private schools and school enrollment in Chicago

Does enrollment in private school increase educational attainment? After reviewing some research on national trends concerning private (versus public) schooling, the author examines how private school options in the Chicago metropolitan area might affect academic achievement for various demographic groups.
Chicago Fed Letter , Issue Oct

Should we be concerned about the current account?

Chicago Fed Letter , Issue Apr

Do you want to be your own boss?

Inside the Vault , Issue Fall

Why do gasoline prices react to things that have not happened?

Inside the Vault , Issue Fall

The legacy of the Olympics: economic burden or boon?

Competition, sportsmanship, and national pride are the foundations of the Olympics, but how much do the Olympics cost the host city and country? What are some of the economic benefits and costs? Is the investment in the Olympics worth it in the end? Read about previous host experiences with the economic side of the Olympics in this month's Page One Economics Newsletter ?The Legacy of the Olympics: Economic Burden or Boon?? (see related graph: "Olympics-Related Temporary Increase in Employment"
Page One Economics Newsletter

In the wake of financial reform: what's next for community banks?

The sixth annual Community Bankers Symposium, co-sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), was held at the Chicago Fed on November 19, 2010. This article summarizes the key presentations and discussions at the conference.
Chicago Fed Letter , Issue Jan

Who really made your car?

In the past few decades, the evolving relations between automakers and their parts suppliers have resulted in shifts in the location of production across North America. The authors explore the ongoing structural changes to the automotive industry and explain their local, regional, and international implications.
Chicago Fed Letter , Issue Oct

Economic Outlook Symposium: summary of 2004 results and forecasts for 2005

The forecasters expect more moderate economic growth during 2005, with some reduction in activity in the housing sector and a slower pace of consumer spending growth than in the past several years.
Chicago Fed Letter , Issue Feb

After the perfect storm: What’s next for the auto industry?

Amid the global recession in 2008?09, the U.S. auto industry experienced its worst downturn in recent memory. While conditions have improved in 2010, questions about which factors will shape the industry?s competitiveness remain. The Chicago Fed hosted a conference on May 10?11, 2010, at its Detroit Branch to explore the industry?s past, present, and future.
Chicago Fed Letter , Issue Aug

Agricultural trends and paths toward the future - a conference summary

On December 1, 2009, the Chicago Fed held a conference that examined issues shaping the future of Midwest agriculture, with a focus on public policy implications. This conference gathered experts from academia, industry, and policy institutions to discuss trends and possibilities for agriculture in the region and across the nation.
Chicago Fed Letter , Issue Feb


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