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How does labor adjustment in this recession compare with the past?

The authors examine how firms are adjusting their work force during the current recession in comparison with other recessions over the past 40 years.
Chicago Fed Letter , Issue Jun

Food prices expected to post moderate gain

Agricultural Letter , Issue Sep , Pages 2-3

The Impact of Trade on the North American Auto Industry

On September 4–5, 2019, the Chicago Fed held a conference at its Detroit Branch to discuss trade’s role in shaping the North American auto industry. This event brought together nearly 100 attendees, including industry leaders, academics, and policymakers.
Chicago Fed Letter , Volume 427 , Issue 427

Taming agricultural risks

On November 19, 2013, the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago held a conference to explore the key risks faced by agricultural producers and lenders, as well as the risk-management tools available to them, in today?s volatile environment.
Chicago Fed Letter , Issue Jan

Assessing the impact of job loss on workers and firms

Many economists agree that the United States? openness to competition and technological change raises our living standards, but sometimes results in job losses. This article summarizes ?Job Loss: Causes, Consequences, and Policy Responses,? a conference which was cosponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago and the Joyce Foundation.
Chicago Fed Letter , Issue Apr

Financial regulation: a primer on the Dodd-Frank Act

Last July, the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 brought the most sweeping financial regulatory reform since the Great Depression. The May 2011 Liber8 newsletter outlines key provisions of the Act intended to prevent or lessen future financial crises and enhance consumer protection.
Liber8 Economic Information Newsletter , Issue May

Reforming deposit insurance--once again

Chicago Fed Letter , Issue Nov

Food inflation and the consumption patterns of U.S. households

In July 2008, food prices were 6.0% above their July 2007 level. This article examines how different household types have been affected by the recent rapid rise in food prices.
Chicago Fed Letter , Issue Oct

USDA hosts annual outlook conference

Agricultural Letter , Issue Dec

Farm debt edging upward

Agricultural Letter , Issue Oct , Pages 1-2


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