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Discussion Paper
Testing for transient bubbles in stock prices

Research Papers in Banking and Financial Economics , Paper 98

Discussion Paper
Pensions and social security in household portfolios: evidence from the 1983 Survey of Consumer Finances

Research Papers in Banking and Financial Economics , Paper 81

Discussion Paper
Uncertainty, restrictions on capital adjustment, and investment

Special Studies Papers , Paper 46

Discussion Paper
Obtaining the yield on a standard bond from a sample of bonds with heterogeneous characteristics

Staff Studies , Paper 77

Discussion Paper
Crisis Chronicles: The Hamburg Crisis of 1799 and How Extreme Winter Weather Still Disrupts the Economy

With intermittent war raging across much of Western Europe near the end of the eighteenth century, by about 1795, Hamburg had replaced Amsterdam as an important hub for commodities trade. And from 1795 to 1799, Hamburg boomed. Prices for goods increased, the harbor was full, and warehouses were bulging. But when a harsh winter iced over the harbor, excess demand and speculation drove up prices. By spring, demand proved lower than supply, and prices started falling, credit tightened, and the decline in prices accelerated. So when a ship bound for Hamburg laden with gold sunk off the coast, an ...
Liberty Street Economics , Paper 20140808

Discussion Paper
Introduction to a Series on Market Liquidity

Market participants and policymakers have recently raised concerns about market liquidity?the ability to buy and sell securities quickly, at any time, at minimal cost. Market liquidity supports the efficient allocation of capital through financial markets, which is a catalyst for sustainable economic growth. Changes in market liquidity, whether due to regulation, changes in market structure, or otherwise, are therefore of great interest to policymakers and market participants alike.
Liberty Street Economics , Paper 20150817

Discussion Paper
China’s Continuing Credit Boom

Debt in China has increased dramatically in recent years, accounting for roughly one-half of all new credit created globally since 2005. The country’s share of total global credit is nearly 25 percent, up from 5 percent ten years ago. By some measures (as documented below), China’s credit boom has reached the point where countries typically encounter financial stress, which could spill over to international markets given the size of the Chinese economy. To better understand the associated risks, it is important to examine the drivers of China’s expansion in credit, the increasing ...
Liberty Street Economics , Paper 20170227

Discussion Paper
Understanding Workers’ Financial Wellbeing in States with Right-to-Work Laws

As public interest in labor unions has increased in recent months, along with an increase in union representation petitions, it is valuable to understand the economic implications of labor unions. Previous empirical studies on the effects of labor unions and collective bargaining processes have focused on several economic outcomes ranging from workers' pay and productivity to firms' profitability, investments, and overall economic performance.
FEDS Notes , Paper 2023-09-08-1

Discussion Paper
Further results on the informational efficiency of competitive stock markets

Special Studies Papers , Paper 114

Discussion Paper
Bank mergers and banking structure in the United States, 1980-98

The U.S. banking industry experienced a sustained and unprecedented merger movement from 1980 to 1998. During that period, approximately 8,000 bank mergers occurred, involving about $2.4 trillion in acquired assets. The 1990s, especially 1994-98, was a period of numerous large bank mergers, including several that were among the largest in U.S. banking history. This study describes various aspects of that bank merger activity and some of the changes in U.S. banking structure and performance that took place during 1980-98. With respect to bank merger activity, the study examines the number and ...
Staff Studies , Paper 174



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