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Conference Paper
Financial deregulation and the demand for money in Japan
AUTHORS: Ueda, Kazuo
DATE: 1990

Conference Paper
Implementing short-run monetary policy with lower reserve requirements
AUTHORS: Brunner, Allan D.; Lown, Cara S.
DATE: 1993

Conference Paper
Price- and wage- inflation targeting - discussion
AUTHORS: Leeper, Eric M.
DATE: 2005

Conference Paper
Efficient banking under interstate branching
AUTHORS: Moon, Choon-Geol; Lang, William W.; Mester, Loretta J.; Hughes, Joseph P.
DATE: 1996

Conference Paper
Depository Institutions Deregulation and Monetary Control Act of 1980
AUTHORS: Wallace, William H.
DATE: 1980

Conference Paper
The efficiency of self-regulated payments systems: learning from the Suffolk System
AUTHORS: Calomiris, Charles W.; Kahn, Charles M.
DATE: 1996

Conference Paper
International influences on domestic prices and activities: a FAVAR approach to open economy
AUTHORS: Surico, Paolo; Mumtaz, Haroon
DATE: 2008

Conference Paper
Controlling risk in payment systems
AUTHORS: Rochet, Jean-Charles; Tirole, Jean
DATE: 1996

Conference Paper
Interdependence between the Euro area and the U.S.: what role for EMU?
AUTHORS: Fratzscher, Marcel; Ehrmann, Michael
DATE: 2003


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