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Conference Paper
Hysteresis in unemployment

Hysteresis is central to long-run unemployment movements in many countries. This essay addresses two broad issues. The first is whether there is clear evidence of hysteresis effects. To put it differently, can we reject the hypothesis that the NAIRU, and hence the long run behavior of unemployment, is independent of aggregate demand? The second broad issue is the nature of hysteresis. Through what mechanisms do short-run unemployment movements influence the NAIRU? What determines the strength of these effects in different countries and time periods? What are the implications for monetary ...
Conference Series ; [Proceedings]

Conference Paper
Monetary and financial interaction in the business cycle


Conference Paper
An empirical evaluation of the McKinnon proposal

Proceedings , Issue Aug , Pages 61-80

Conference Paper
Central city and suburban development: who pays and who benefits?

Assessing the Midwest Economy , Paper MA-2

Conference Paper
Four images of Ned Gramlich

Proceedings - Economic Policy Symposium - Jackson Hole

Conference Paper
Bank credit and economic activity

Conference Series ; [Proceedings] , Volume 39 , Pages 83-125

Conference Paper
The stock market and capital accumulation

The value of a firm's securities measures the value of the firm's productive assets. If the assets include only capital goods and not a permanent monopoly franchise, the value of the securities measures the value of the capital. Finally, if the price of the capital can be measured or inferred, the quantity of the firm's capital is the value divided by the price. A standard model of adjustment costs enables the inference of the price of installed capital. I explore the implications of the proposition using data from U.S. non-farm, non-financial corporations over the past 50 years. The data ...
Proceedings , Issue Apr

Conference Paper
Dollars and deficits: where do we go from here?

Proceedings , Issue Feb

Conference Paper
Remarks: some thoughts on systemic risk


Conference Paper
The role of mortgage banks in the Chicago metropolitan area

Proceedings , Paper 418


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