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Is the Unemployment Rate a Good Measure of People Currently Out of Work?

Update, May 15, 2020: Following the release of the latest Current Population Survey estimates and related micro data, we are able to calculate the actual value of our U-Cov rate for April, which was 30.7% (not seasonally adjusted). This was over a 17 percentage point increase from March, significantly higher than the 10 percentage point increase in the official “U3” unemployment rate (to 14.4% in April). A 4.8 million increase in the number of people working part-time for economic reasons, a 4.3 million increase in those on unpaid leave, and a 4.5 million increase in those out of the ...
Chicago Fed Insights

Insights from Dallas Fed Surveys: Uneven Economic Recovery Likely in Texas

The Dallas Fed’s Texas Business Outlook Surveys (TBOS) show that while recovery continued in some sectors in July, it faltered in others as new COVID-19 cases surged across the state.
Dallas Fed Economics

Entry, Exit of Firms Amplify the Business Cycle

When new businesses are created, they generate new jobs. When unprofitable businesses close, employees lose their jobs. Given the connection between firm entry and exit and changes in employment, it is natural to ask how this entry and exit affects the broader business cycle.
Dallas Fed Economics

Real-Time Population Survey Suggests U.S. Job Losses Slowed in Early May

Survey results for the week of May 10 suggest further declines in employment and an increase in unemployment relative to the week of April 26 – May 2, though both changes are within the survey’s margin of error.
Dallas Fed Economics

A Desire to Make a Difference

Beatrice Weder di Mauro, president of the Centre for Economic Policy Research, witnessed good and bad economic policies during her childhood.
On the Economy

Could More Progressive Taxes Increase Income Inequality?

One paper posits that making taxes more progressive could boost lower-income households initially, but more money would eventually float to those with higher incomes.
On the Economy

How Many Employees Are Prepared to Work from Home?

Sorting workers by occupation and income helps shed light on who is more likely to be able to work remotely.
On the Economy

Early Mandated Social Distancing Does Best to Control COVID–19 Spread

Voluntary social distancing and a lack of compliance with mandated polices have led to unnecessarily high infection rates and death tolls in a number of countries.
Dallas Fed Economics

The State of COVID-19 around the Eighth District

What have COVID-19 trends in cases and deaths looked like in the largest MSAs in the District?
On the Economy

Trade and Gold Reserves after the Demise of the Classical Gold Standard

After the early 1920s, the relationship between gold reserves and trade flows was tenuous at best as the international payments system experienced heightened uncertainty and significant change.
On the Economy


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