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Conference Paper
The economics of large government deficits : proceedings of a conference held at Melvin Village, New Hampshire, October 1983

Conference Series ; [Proceedings] , Volume 27 , Issue Oct

Conference Paper
Understanding inflation and the implications for monetary policy: a Phillips curve retrospective

It has been fifty years since A.W. Phillips published the famous article on inflation and unemployment that established the Phillips curve as a central concept in macroeconomic analysis and policymaking. Today, despite ongoing debate about the validity of this approach, many academic economists, policy makers and financial correspondents use Phillips curve concepts in discussing the influence of demand growth on inflation, as well as the relationship between unemployment, wages and prices. But the Phillips curve of today is not that of fifty years ago. And the economy and our understanding of ...
Conference Series ; [Proceedings]

Conference Paper
Financing public schools: selected papers from a New England School Development Council conference, January 7-8, 1972

Conference Series ; [Proceedings] , Volume 7 , Issue Jan

Conference Paper
Consumer spending and monetary policy - the linkages: proceedings of a conference held at Nantucket Island, Massachusetts, June 1971

Conference Series ; [Proceedings] , Volume 5 , Issue Jun

Journal Article
Fiscal facts and myths

Fiscal Facts , Issue Win

Journal Article
State spending for New England's public schools

Fiscal Facts , Issue Spr

Journal Article
State gambling revenues: are legislators becoming addicted?

Fiscal Facts , Issue Sum

Journal Article
Medicaid: fiscal ill or fiscal cure?

Fiscal Facts , Issue Spr

Journal Article
Cash assistance for New England's needy

Fiscal Facts , Issue Sum

Journal Article
Lean state funding pinches budgets of New England public colleges and universities

Fiscal Facts , Issue Sum , Pages 1-2, 8



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