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Author:Zeidman, Betsy 

Conference Paper
Stumbling blocks to entrepreneurship in low-and-moderate income communities

Proceedings: Community Affairs Dept. Conferences , Issue Jul , Pages 91-155

Journal Article
Hunting for data sources: how improving data can increase capital for emerging domestic markets

The data on emerging domestic markets are fragmented, non-standardized, and not widely accessible. One way to remedy this information gap would be to create a ?data consortium? that leverages existing resources and uses them to build an integrated database. Increasing the amount and quality of data available on EDM firms would provide opportunities for improved analysis, policymaking, capital flow, and product development.
Community Development Innovation Review , Issue 2 , Pages 16-33

Journal Article
A history of emerging domestic markets

The Milken Institute?s Center for Emerging Domestic Markets has been a leader in researching and writing about the issue of expanding investment in traditionally undervalued and undercapitalized entrepreneurs, enterprises and communities, including women and ethnic business owners, urban cores, rural areas and low-income populations. This article traces the evolution of the emerging domestic market concept and provides a guide to the existing literature.
Community Development Innovation Review , Issue 1 , Pages 1-22