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Author:Whalen, Gary 

Conference Paper
Rival stock price reactions to large BHC acquisition announcements: evidence of linked oligopoly?

Proceedings , Paper 105

Journal Article
Loan quality of bank holding companies

A discussion of loan quality at a cross-section of 60 regional bank holding companies located in 12 states, using net charge-offs and non- performing loans as a measure of quality, and examining the linkage between loan quality and bank performance.
Economic Commentary , Issue Mar

Journal Article
Bank holding company voluntary nonbanking asset divestitures

An examination of nonbanking asset divestitures, with an analysis of financial effects on the holding company, based on a study of 42 voluntary nonbank asset sales.
Economic Commentary , Issue Jan

Journal Article
The financial distress in American farming

An analysis of the uneven distribution of problem debt among the nation' s farmers, a discussion of the effect of this debt on agricultural banks, and an estimate of the probable impact of farm debt problems on the nation.
Economic Commentary , Issue Jun

Journal Article
Operational policies of multibank holding companies

Using a 1979 survey of the organizational structure of 65 bank holding companies in 12 states, the author investigates the relationship between holding company structure and the performance of bank subsidiaries.
Economic Review , Issue Win , Pages 20-31

Journal Article
The impact of bank holding company consolidation: evidence from shareholder returns

A look at the expected net benefits of bank holding company consolidation by examining the behavior of the daily stock returns of a sample of 21 BHCs, using the event study technique.
Economic Review , Issue Q III , Pages 2-10

Journal Article
Concentration and profitability in non-MSA banking markets

An examination of the relationship between bank profitability and concentration using recent data from a sample of institutions drawn from non-metropolitan statistical area counties in Ohio and Pennsylvania.
Economic Review , Issue Q I , Pages 2-9

Journal Article
Using financial data to identify changes in bank condition

An empirical study using an early-warning bank failure prediction model and call-report data to predict deterioration in a bank's condition.
Economic Review , Volume 24 , Issue Q II , Pages 17-26

Journal Article
Actual competition, potential competition, and bank profitability in rural markets

An empirical study of the relationship between market concentration and bank performance in rural markets, examining both actual and potential competition and controlling for risk, market share, and simultaneity.
Economic Review , Volume 24 , Issue Q III , Pages 14-23

Journal Article
A proportional hazards model of bank failure: an examination of its usefulness as an early warning tool

An explanation of how a Cox proportional hazards model can be used to identify both failed and healthy banks with a high degree of accuracy using a relatively small set of publicly available data.
Economic Review , Volume 27 , Issue Q I , Pages 21-31