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Author:Werner, Devin 

Journal Article
College Freshman Enrollment Drops during Pandemic

First-time college enrollment declined significantly in 2020—a stark contrast with what traditionally happens during recessions.
The Regional Economist , Volume 29 , Issue 1

Journal Article
U.S. States Hit the Hardest by COVID-19 Have Lower Unemployment Risks

States with relatively more COVID-19 cases tend to have a workforce less likely to face unemployment.
Economic Synopses , Issue 12

COVID-19 and Unemployment Risk: State and MSA Differences

Which states and MSAs have large shares of workers at high risk of unemployment?
On the Economy

Startups Account for Smaller Share of U.S. Jobs

Since 1994, startup firms have seen their share of U.S. employment shrink.
On the Economy

Did the Fed’s Dollar Swap Lines Work?

In March, the Federal Reserve took steps to increase the supply of dollars to foreign markets to ensure liquidity and lessen volatility. Did the policies work?
On the Economy

Journal Article
Trends in Startups’ Share of Jobs in the U.S. and Eighth District

Startups have been representing a smaller share of all jobs within the U.S. and Eighth District in recent years.
The Regional Economist , Volume 28 , Issue 1

Journal Article
How Many People Does It Take to Start a Company?

The average number of employees at startups has declined over the past several years.
The Regional Economist , Volume 28 , Issue 2

What Are the Fed’s Dollar Swap Lines and FIMA Repos, and Why Do They Matter?

Making it easier for central banks to access U.S. dollars helps calm exchange rate volatility and allow markets and credit lines to operate smoothly.
On the Economy

Firms Start with Fewer Employees over Last 25 Years

The average new firm that is less than a year old had 20% fewer workers in 2019 than it did in 1994.
On the Economy

COVID-19 and the Great Recession: Market Hours and Home Production across American Households

Women and households with children have been hit harder in this recession than they were in the previous recession.
On the Economy




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