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Author:Weiler, Stephan 

Journal Article
New approaches to rural policy : lessons from around the world : a conference summary

New approaches to rural policy are badly needed, as past reliance on subsidies and policies focused on a single sector are yielding diminishing results. Fortunately, a new frontier of policy experiments is emerging, and this frontier holds great promise in helping rural regions seize new economic potential. ; This was the consensus of more than 120 leading officials and rural policy experts from around the world who gathered near Washington, D.C., on March 25-26, 2004, to explore new approaches to rural policy. The conference was jointly sponsored by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City, ...
Economic Review , Volume 89 , Issue Q III , Pages 97-104

Journal Article
Gauging a region's entrepreneurial potential

Regions are facing rapidly evolving pressures from today?s global economy. The old rules of the game, where traditional assets such as cheap land and labor determined a region?s success or failure, no longer apply. Instead, new categories of assets are shaping economic prospects?assets like workforce skills, lifestyle amenities, access to capital and information, and innovative activity. Finding new pathways to tap these assets makes economic success much easier. The first step along each new pathway is to measure a region?s assets. The Center for the Study of Rural America is working to ...
Economic Review , Volume 90 , Issue Q III , Pages 61-89

Conference Paper
New governance for a new rural economy : reinventing public and private institutions : a conference summary

Proceedings – Rural and Agricultural Conferences , Issue May , Pages 1-7

Working Paper
A park by any other name : national park designation as a natural experiment in signaling

Site designation by the National Park Service conveys a unique set of signals to information-constrained potential visitors. Changes in designation thus offer natural experiments to evaluate the signaling importance of names. This paper estimates the visitation effect of the conversion of National Monuments to National Parks through panel data analyses of the 8 designation changes that occurred between 1979 and 2000. These conversions have substantial and persistent effects on annual visitation, indicating that designation signals are indeed significant and credible. These signals appear to ...
Research Working Paper , Paper RWP 05-09

Working Paper
Amenities, local conditions and fiscal determinants of factor growth in rural America

This paper examines how amenities, asset indicators, and fiscal factors influence the growth in factors of production from 1972 to 1999 in the 466 non-metropolitan labor market areas in the continental United States. In developing our model of non-metropolitan factor markets, we combine the emphasis of Brown et al. (2003) on the affect of taxes and public expenditure policy on labor and capital formation with the emphasis of Beeson et al. (2001) on the importance of climate and natural features on localized population growth. We develop our own measure of capital stock in non-metropolitan ...
Research Working Paper , Paper RWP 06-08

Journal Article
New governance for a new rural economy : reinventing public and private institutions : a conference summary

A growing chorus of rural leaders agrees that new opportunities are on the horizon for rural America. Economic consolidation and outmigration need not be rural America?s future. The question most rural regions now face is this: How to claim the new opportunities? At root, this question is all about governance?how regions make economic decisions quickly and effectively. Simply put, regional governance is about how public and private leaders work together to build new economic engines that can compete in globalizing markets. More than 150 rural policy experts and leaders gathered in Kansas City ...
Economic Review , Volume 89 , Issue Q IV , Pages 55-70

Journal Article
New governance for a new rural economy : reinventing public and private institutions

Main Street Economist , Issue Aug

Journal Article
Sprawl : friend or foe to rural places?

Main Street Economist , Issue Dec , Pages 14-15

Journal Article
Rural America's new path to workforce skills

Main Street Economist , Issue Jul

Journal Article
Beyond cows and corn : rural America in the 21st century

Main Street Economist , Issue Oct



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