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Author:Warshawsky, Mark J. 

Journal Article
Pension plans: funding, assets, and regulatory environment

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Nov , Pages 717-730

Working Paper
Projections of health care expenditures as a share of GNP: actuarial and economic approaches

Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 170

Discussion Paper
The adequacy and consistency of margin requirements in the markets for stocks and derivative products

Staff Studies , Paper 158

Working Paper
Factors contributing to rapid growth in national expenditures on health care

Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 182

Discussion Paper
The funding of private pension plans

Staff Studies , Paper 155

Working Paper
Aggregate debt and wealth: the significance of the bequest motive

Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 10

Working Paper
Is there a corporate debt crisis? Another look

Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 110

Working Paper
The impact of liabilities for retiree health benefits on share prices

Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 156

Working Paper
Life-cycle saving, limits on contributions to DC pension plans, and lifetime tax benefits

This paper analyzes questions related to defined contribution (DC) plans. For what types of households are statutory contribution limits likely to bind? How large is the lifetime tax benefit from participating in a DC plan and how does it vary with lifetime income? The authors find that contribution limits bind for households that begin their plan participation late in life or wish to retire early, single-earner households, those who are not borrowing-constrained, those with rapid rates of real wage growth, and those with high levels of earnings regardless of age. Setting contribution rates ...
Working Papers (Old Series) , Paper 0102

Working Paper
Postretirement health benefit plans: costs and liabilities for private employers

Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 76