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Author:Waller, Christopher J. 

Working Paper
Discretion, wage indexation, and inflation

Research Working Paper , Paper 89-03

Journal Article
The Fed's bloated balance sheet: how we got here and why it's familiar

Quantitative easing has led to the largest expansion of the Fed?s balance sheet since WW II. While this, naturally, leads to concern about inflation, the Fed has the tools to unwind the balance sheet once the economy builds steam.
The Regional Economist

Journal Article
Performance contracts for central bankers

Review , Issue Sep , Pages 3-14

Working Paper
Price level targeting and stabilization policy

We construct a dynamic stochastic general equilibrium model to study optimal monetary stabilization policy. Prices are fully flexible and money is essential for trade. Our main result is that if the central bank pursues a price-level target, it can control inflation expectations and improve welfare by stabilizing short-run shocks to the economy. The optimal policy involves smoothing nominal interest rates which effectively smooths consumption across states.
Working Papers , Paper 2009-033

Journal Article
Assessing the political viability of labor market reform : the case of employment protection - commentary

Review , Issue May , Pages 89-92



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