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Author:Waddle, Andrea L. 

The Impact of Brexit on Foreign Investment and Production

In this paper, we estimate the impact of increasing costs on foreign producers following a withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union (popularly known as Brexit). Our predictions are based on simulations of a multicountry neoclassical growth model that includes multinational ?rms investing in research and development (R&D), brands, and organizational capital that are used nonrivalrously by their subsidiaries at home and abroad. For the main simulation, we assume that U.K. investments in the European Union face the same restrictions as Norway?s and that E.U. investments in the ...
Staff Report , Paper 542

Working Paper
Intellectual Property, Tariffs, and International Trade Dynamics

The emergence of global value chains not only leads to a magnification of trade in intermediate inputs but also to an extensive technology diffusion among the different production units involved in arms-length relationships. In this context, the lack of enforcement of intellectual property rights has recently become a highly controversial subject of debate in the context of the China-U.S. trade negotiations. This paper analyzes the strategic interaction of tariff policies and the enforcement of intellectual property rights within a quantitative general equilibrium framework. Results indicate ...
FRB Atlanta Working Paper , Paper 2019-10

Journal Article
Opinion : Why I want to be an economist

Econ Focus , Volume 11 , Issue Sum , Pages 48

Journal Article
Exchange rates and business cycles across countries

Economic Quarterly , Volume 93 , Issue Win , Pages 57-76

Journal Article
Implications of some alternatives to capital income taxation

Economic Quarterly , Volume 93 , Issue Win , Pages 31-55

Journal Article
Currency quality and changes in the behavior of depository institutions

Economic Quarterly , Volume 93 , Issue Fall , Pages 361-391

Journal Article
Jargon alert : Marginal

Econ Focus , Volume 10 , Issue Spr , Pages 2



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