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Author:Truman, Edwin M. 

Working Paper
The adequacy of the data on U.S. international financial transactions: a Federal Reserve perspective

This paper was prepared for the meeting of the Panel on International Capital Transactions of the National Research Council (National Academy of Sciences), April 23, 1992. There are well-documented inadequacies in the data on U.S. international capital flows, cross-border holdings of assets, and investment income. In order to set priorities for data improvements, it is necessary to evaluate our needs for information, survey possible additions and alternatives to the current data collection system, and weigh the costs and benefits of proposed improvements. ; This paper focuses on only one ...
International Finance Discussion Papers , Paper 430

Conference Paper
Budget and external deficits: not twins but the same family

Proceedings , Issue Feb

Working Paper
Approaches to managing external equilibria: where we are, where we might be headed, and how we might get there

This paper examines the issue of the U.S. external deficit in a global context. First, the paper considers certain aspects of the current economic situation that have contributed to the U.S. deficit and the progress that has been made to date in laying the basis for its narrowing. Second, the paper raises some questions about the international economic implications of a substantial reduction in the U.S. fiscal deficit, about the need for additional impetus to bring about further adjustment in the U.S. current account deficit, and about the preparedness of other industrial countries to absorb ...
International Finance Discussion Papers , Paper 342

Working Paper
The risks and implications of external financial shocks: lessons from Mexico

The lessons from the 1994-95 Mexican peso crisis are examined from the perspective of creditors and their markets, countries that are recipients of large capital inflows, and the functioning of the international system as a whole. From each of these perspectives, recent changes in the financial world are sketched, lessons from the Mexican experience are derived, and implications for policies are considered.
International Finance Discussion Papers , Paper 535

Working Paper
SDRs, interest and the aid link: further analysis

International Finance Discussion Papers , Paper 26

Working Paper
International economic policy: the role of exchange rates

This paper examines the role of exchange rate changes in the international economic adjustment and policy process. The pre-1973 academic literature on flexible exchange rates is examined in light of the experience since 1973. Some thoughts on the efficacy and appropriate role of exchange rate changes in the international economy are then presented.
International Finance Discussion Papers , Paper 356

Journal Article
U.S. policy on the problems of international debt

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Nov

Working Paper
The distribution of West European trade under alternative tariff policies

International Finance Discussion Papers , Paper 28

Conference Paper
Asian regional policy coordination

Proceedings , Issue Nov , Pages 247-292

Working Paper
Balance-of-payments adjustment from a U.S. perspective: the lessons of the 1970s

International Finance Discussion Papers , Paper 143