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Author:Tompkins, James 

Working Paper
What's in a name? An experimental examination of investment behavior
A fundamental unresolved issue is whether information asymmetries underlie investors' predisposition to invest close to home (i.e., domestically or locally). The authors conduct experiments in the United States and Canada to investigate agents' portfolio allocation decisions, controlling for the availability of information. Providing participants with information about a firm's home base, without disclosing its specific identity, is not sufficient to change investment behavior. Rather, participants need to know a firm's name and home base. Additional evidence indicates that participants are more familiar with securities in which they chose to invest than other securities. Familiarity is a key determinant of investment behavior.
AUTHORS: Ackert, Lucy F.; Church, Bryan K.; Tompkins, James; Zhang, Ping
DATE: 2003

Working Paper
An experimental examination of the house money effect in a multi-period setting
There is evidence that risk-taking behavior is influenced by prior monetary gains and losses. When endowed with house money, people become more risk taking. This paper is the first to report a house money effect in a dynamic, financial setting. Using an experimental method, the authors compare market outcomes across sessions that differ in the level of cash endowment (low and high). Their experimental results provide strong support for a house money effect. Traders' bids, price predictions, and market prices are influenced by the amount of money that is provided prior to trading. However, dynamic behavior is difficult to interpret due to conflicting influences.
AUTHORS: Ackert, Lucy F.; Charupat, Narat; Church, Bryan K.; Tompkins, James; Deaves, Richard
DATE: 2003



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