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Author:Thompson, Jesse B. 

Journal Article
Energy leads the way as Houston surges into 2012

Looking forward, we find lower stimulus for Houston in the year ahead and higher risks, but the door remains open to another year of solid local expansion.
Houston Business , Issue Mar

Journal Article
Real-time Data Inaccuracies Pose Challenges to Gauging the Oil Market

Initial estimates of global oil market balance, or the implied change in global inventories, are frequently used to identify supply shortages or surpluses. These have important implications for future oil prices. Initial inventory data undergo various revisions, which may contribute to inefficiencies in oil pricing.
Economic Letter , Volume 12 , Issue 13 , Pages 1-4

Journal Article
Houston grinds to a halt as oil industry declines

Houston, the nation?s energy capital, is in the grips of a slowdown that may presage a local recession. Strength in health, leisure and hospitality, and retail services has helped offset weak oil industry performance.
Southwest Economy , Issue Q2 , Pages 16-19

Journal Article
Leading Indicators, Storm Data Guide Houston Economic Forecast

A forecasting model for Houston that incorporates storm damage data and leading economic indicators can help project post-Hurricane Harvey employment growth. The forecast indicates that Houston?s economy will grow near its 2 percent historical average in 2018.
Southwest Economy , Issue Q4 , Pages 10-13

Journal Article
Spotlight: Shale oil exploration - Permian Basin booms as new techniques resurrect old sites

Southwest Economy , Issue Q2 , Pages 15

Journal Article
Spotlight: Permian Basin’s Shale-Era Oil Production Rises Even as Rig Count Falls

A change in the number of active drilling rigs is no longer the reliable predictor for near-term oil production growth that it once was.
Southwest Economy , Issue First Quarter

Journal Article
Go Figure: COVID-19 Tanks Fuel Consumption, Prices

The effects of the pandemic, including working from home and reduced travel, dropped fuel consumption from mid-March to mid-April 2020.
Southwest Economy , Issue Second Quarter

Journal Article
Spotlight: Lower U.S. Crude Oil Production Decreases Output, Raises Price of Natural Gas

Natural gas futures plummeted to a historic low in June 2020 only to rebound by late October, mainly due to a decline in natural gas production from oil wells.
Southwest Economy , Issue Fourth Quarter

Journal Article
Snapshot: Dining Out Picks Up in Texas, Houston

The number of patrons dining at restaurants surged in Texas and Houston after the state thawed from a deep freeze in February and COVID-19 constraints on restaurants and bars were lifted March 10.
Southwest Economy , Issue First Quarter

Journal Article
FEMA to Play Long-Term Role in Recovery from Harvey

Federal disaster assistance following Hurricane Harvey has emphasized immediate recovery costs but will likely shift its focus to infrastructure improvements. The timeline for FEMA?s aid program appears to be evolving while increasingly frequent extreme weather events test local disaster-management planning.
Southwest Economy , Issue Q2 , Pages 15-17




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