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Author:Taylor, Lori L. 

Working Paper
The impact of differential human capital stocks on club allocations

Working Papers , Paper 9010

Journal Article
The evidence on government competition

Society clearly benefits when businesses compete. The social benefits of government competition are still being debated, however. A large economics literature has sprung up to explore the premise that governments facing intense competitive pressure behave differently than do governments facing little or no competition. Lori Taylor examines the literature on government size, service quality, and productivity. She concludes that an ill-defined market for government, together with inconsistent and potentially inappropriate measuring sticks, raises the strong possibility that competition has ...
Economic and Financial Policy Review , Issue Q2 , Pages 2-10

Journal Article
A dose of market discipline: the new education initiatives

Southwest Economy , Issue May , Pages 9 - 12

Working Paper
On competition and school efficiency

Working Papers , Paper 9506

Journal Article
Regional update

Southwest Economy , Issue Mar , Pages 8

Journal Article
Regional update : Focus on the energy industry

Southwest Economy , Issue Sep , Pages 11

Journal Article
Trends in income mobility

Southwest Economy , Issue Sep , Pages 5

Working Paper
Allocative inefficiency and school competition

A substantial literature indicates that the public school system in the United States is inefficient. Some have posited that this inefficiency arises from a lack of competition in the education market. On the other hand, the Tiebout hypothesis suggests that public schools may already face significant competition. In this paper, the authors examine the extent to which competition for students influences public school inefficiency in Texas. They use a Shephard input distance function to model education production and use bootstrapping techniques to examine allocative inefficiencies. Switching ...
Working Papers , Paper 9708

Journal Article
Southwest outlook brighter in 1994

Southwest Economy , Issue Jan , Pages 6-7

Journal Article
The uneven distribution of health insurance

Southwest Economy , Issue May , Pages 6-8



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