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Author:Tavlas, George S. 

Conference Paper
Modeling money demand in large industrial countries: buffer stock and error correction approaches


Discussion Paper
Financial deregulation, the demand for money, and monetary policy in Australia

Special Studies Papers , Paper 222

Working Paper
Modeling buffer stock money - an appraisal

Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 15

Working Paper
Is it possible to find an econometric law that works well in explanation and prediction? The case of Australian money demand

Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 128

Working Paper
Forecasting Australian monetary aggregates

Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 55

Journal Article
Milton Friedman, the demand for money, and the ECB’s monetary policy strategy

The European Central Bank (ECB) assigns greater weight to the role of money in its monetary policy strategy than most, if not all, other major central banks. Nevertheless, reflecting the view that the demand for money became unstable in the early 2000s, some commentators have reported that the ECB has ?downgraded? the role of money demand functions in its strategy. This paper explains the ECB?s monetary policy strategy and shows the considerable influence of Milton Friedman?s contributions on the formulation of that strategy. The paper also provides new evidence on the stability of euro area ...
Review , Volume 94 , Issue May , Pages 153-186

Working Paper
Random coefficient models: theory and applications

Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 93-14