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Author:Tatom, John A. 

Journal Article
Economic growth and unemployment: a reappraisal of the conventional view

Review , Volume 60 , Issue Oct , Pages 16-23

Working Paper
The P-star approach to the link between money and prices

This paper examines several specification errors in the M2-based P* model and develops an M1-based estimate of this model. The apparent statistical significance of M2 is shown to arise from a spurious regression that uses a non-stationary regressor and because the significance test for M2 is biased by including the influence of a lagged dependent variable whose coefficient is not normally distributed. When these problems are addressed, M2 is not statistically significant related to the price level. The M1-based P* model exhibits a significant relationship between M1 and the price level, ...
Working Papers , Paper 1990-008

Working Paper
Currency appreciation and \"deindustrialization\": a European perspective

During the 1980s, policy advisers were successful in promoting the view that movements in the value of the dollar have an inverse relationship to U.S. international competitiveness. This article explains their hypothesis, as well as the counterargument that exchange rates positively reflect a country's competitiveness. Economic policies that boost competitiveness also raise the value of the domestic currency. The mirror image of these hypotheses apply to U.S. trading partners, including Europe. The evidence indicates that European countries were not "deindustralized" from 1985 to 1990, when ...
Working Papers , Paper 1992-006

Working Paper
Are energy prices cyclical?

Working Papers , Paper 1984-014

Journal Article
Does the stage of the business cycle affect the inflation rate?

Review , Volume 60 , Issue Sep , Pages 7-15

Journal Article
Domestic vs. international explanations of recent U.S. manufacturing developments

Review , Issue Apr , Pages 5-18

Journal Article
The welfare cost of inflation

Review , Volume 58 , Issue Nov , Pages 9-22

Journal Article
Recent financial innovations: have they distorted the meaning of M1?

Review , Volume 64 , Issue Apr , Pages 23-35

Working Paper
Energy price shocks in a reduced-form monetarist model

Working Papers , Paper 1983-003

Journal Article
Potential output and the recent productivity decline

Review , Volume 64 , Issue Jan , Pages 3-16



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