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Author:Tarhan, Vefa 

Conference Paper
An empirical examination of the market for corporate control in the banking sector

Proceedings , Paper 377

Discussion Paper
Bank reserve adjustment process and the use of reserve carryover as a reserve management tool: a microeconometric approach

Special Studies Papers , Paper 179

Discussion Paper
The liquidity structure adjustment decision of large money center banks

Special Studies Papers , Paper 121

Bank stock valuation: does maturity gap matter

Staff Memoranda , Paper 87-7

Discussion Paper
The Federal Reserve's new operating procedures: a post mortem

Special Studies Papers , Paper 186

Journal Article
Individual bank reserve management

Economic Perspectives , Volume 8 , Issue Jul

Working Paper
Money supply announcements and the market's perception of Federal Reserve policy

Working Paper Series, Macroeconomic Issues , Paper 90-3

Discussion Paper
Reserve accounting regimes, bank behavior and monetary control: an empirical analysis

Special Studies Papers , Paper 175

Working Paper
Does the Federal Reserve affect asset prices?

Working Paper Series, Macroeconomic Issues , Paper 92-3