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Author:Spindt, Paul A. 

Journal Article
Changes in the use of transaction accounts and cash from 1984 to 1986

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Mar , Pages 179-196

Conference Paper
The use of interest rate futures by commercial banks

Proceedings , Paper 85

Discussion Paper
The micromechanics of the federal funds market: implications for day- of- the-week effects in fund rate variability

Special Studies Papers , Paper 214

Working Paper
Underpricing of seasoned issues: the case of U.S. Treasury bills

Finance and Economics Discussion Series , Paper 54

Discussion Paper
Divisia monetary aggregates : compilation, data, and historical behavior

Staff Studies , Paper 116

Discussion Paper
Bank reserve adjustment process and the use of reserve carryover as a reserve management tool: a microeconometric approach

Special Studies Papers , Paper 179

Journal Article
The use of cash and transaction accounts by American families

Federal Reserve Bulletin , Issue Feb

Conference Paper
Going public: the advantages of using an investment banker's premarketing services

Proceedings , Paper 240

Conference Paper
An empirical examination of the market for corporate control in the banking sector

Proceedings , Paper 377

Discussion Paper
On the supply of the demand for money

Special Studies Papers , Paper 215