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Author:Smith, Chloe N. 

Journal Article
Small Business Hardships Highlight Relationship with Lenders in COVID-19 Era

The COVID-19 crisis has disrupted normal small business operations and will likely limit the ability of many enterprises to stay financially afloat. Although lenders have become better equipped to evaluate risks and serve small businesses, the supply of credit tends to shrink during economic downturns.
Southwest Economy , Issue Second Quarter

Investment in Mexico Falls Despite Rise in Remittances

Mexico has grown more dependent on foreign direct investment and remittances after total investment declined sharply for a fourth consecutive year in 2020.
Dallas Fed Economics

Services, Construction Lead Texas as Manufacturing, Energy Soften

Sluggish growth in manufacturing is attributable to softening demand for durables, which appears tied to a slowing energy sector.
Dallas Fed Economics

Journal Article
Go Figure: Vehicle Sales Highlight Surprising Resilience in Spending During Pandemic

Texas truck/SUV sales held steady while car sales declined steeply amid the recession caused by COVID-19.
Southwest Economy , Issue Third Quarter

Texas Economy Improves Despite Lagging Sectors as COVID-19 Cases Decline

Continued growth is projected for the rest of the year, but it may be somewhat restrained by the expiration of federal stimulus programs and election uncertainty.
Dallas Fed Economics

Texas Economy Keeps Growing Despite More Pessimistic Outlook

The regional economy is growing at a moderate pace, and labor markets remain tight. However, the outlook among Texas firms has deteriorated due to concern about tariffs, trade policy uncertainty and slowing global growth.
Dallas Fed Economics

Without Immigration, U.S. Economy Will Struggle to Grow

Slowing labor force growth is the product of a number of factors—the aging of the U.S. population, retiring baby boomers and declining birth rates. But another element is immigration.
Dallas Fed Economics

Journal Article
Go Figure: Assessing the Cost of Longer Border Wait Times

Wait times spiked in spring 2019 when Customs and Border Patrol resources were diverted away from border crossings.
Southwest Economy , Issue Fouth Quarter

Journal Article
COVID-19 Poses Stubborn Challenge to Economic Growth in Mexico

Mexico, confronting a high rate of COVID-19 infection and an ineffectual medical response, recorded the largest decline in gross domestic product in a quarter century last year. While manufacturing trade with the U.S. provided economic support, the large and hard to reach off-the-books informal sector proved more troublesome and will play an important role in the nation’s performance in 2021.
Southwest Economy , Issue First Quarter

Journal Article
Go Figure: Migrant Apprehensions at U.S.–Mexico Border Spike in 2019

Apprehensions of migrants at the U.S. southern border surged in spring 2019.
Southwest Economy , Issue First Quarter




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