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Author:Shampine, Samantha 

Journal Article
Lower Labor Force Participation Rates and Slower Population Growth Pose Challenges for Employers

As the nation recovers from the pandemic-induced recession, finding workers to fill job openings has beena headwind for many regions and industries. Although many researchers have pointed to the sharp declinein labor force participation rates as an explanation, the role of population growth over time has receivedless attention. We examine state and national trends in these measures and show that slower populationgrowth and an aging population may put downward pressure on labor force growth for some time.
Economic Bulletin , Issue Mar 30, 2022 , Pages 4

Working Paper
Does Access to Free Pre-Kindergarten Increase Maternal Labor Supply?

We evaluate the effects of free pre-kindergarten (Pre-K) programs on the labor force participation of mothers. We use variation in Pre-K rules across all U.S. states, including income eligibility requirements in some states. To estimate the causal effects of access to Pre-K on labor supply, we exploit the panel aspect of the monthly Current Population Survey between 2002 and 2019. Specifically, we look at the change in labor market behavior of women when their child becomes age-eligible for Pre-K, controlling for individual factors. We find that access to free Pre-K programs increases overall ...
Research Working Paper , Paper RWP 21-11

Journal Article
Consumer Spending Declines, Shifts in Response to the Pandemic

Consumer spending plunged last spring as the pandemic swept through the United States. Although spending rebounded sharply in the second half of 2020, it remained below year-ago levels due to persistently high unemployment, business restrictions, and continued health risks in social settings. In addition to the drop in overall spending, the pandemic has led to dramatic shifts in the mix of goods and services that consumers purchase.
Economic Bulletin , Issue February 17, 2021 , Pages 4

Journal Article
Immigration Shortfall May Be a Headwind for Labor Supply

U.S. labor markets are currently experiencing unprecedented labor shortages. Reduced immigration flows in recent years have contributed to these labor supply shortages and tightened labor markets. Industries, occupations, and regions that rely more heavily on foreign workers have been particularly affected.
Economic Bulletin , Issue May 11, 2022 , Pages 4



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