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Author:Shaffer, Sherrill 

Working Paper
Regulatory distortion of competition

Working Papers , Paper 89-28

Working Paper
Stable cartels with a Cournot fringe

Working Papers , Paper 90-24

Conference Paper
Adverse selection, market structure, and competitive pricing in bank lending

Proceedings , Paper 625

Working Paper
Viability of traditional banking activities: evidence from shifts in conduct and excess capacity

Working Papers , Paper 94-11

A revenue-restricted cost study of 100 large banks

Research Paper , Paper 8806

Journal Article
Marking banks to market

Business Review , Issue Jul , Pages 13-22

Working Paper
Network diseconomies and optimal structure

This paper explores the effect on costs when firms within an industry must interact with each other in the normal course of business. Such interaction will generally cause the socially optimal scale of each firm to deviate from its minimum average cost scale. In addition, the socially optimal industry structure may be more concentrated than conventional firm-level cost studies would suggest and may also differ from the unregulated (free-entry) equilibrium structure. These concepts, while potentially applicable to several industries, are here made more precise for the banking industry, both ...
Working Papers , Paper 97-19

Working Paper
Transaction costs and option configuration

Working Papers , Paper 89-18

Working Paper
Credit union policies and performance in Latin America

This paper explores empirical linkages between credit unions' (CUs') policies and their financial performance, as measured by loan delinquency and profitability, using a unique micro dataset of credit unions in three Latin American countries. The estimated translog profit function is generalized using a slack variable concept that parameterizes any systematic deviation from profit- maximizing behavior exhibited within the sample. In general, we find that performance depends in important ways on two types of CU policy variables, some associated with the incentives of borrowers to repay and ...
Working Papers , Paper 98-1



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