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Author:Saving, Jason L. 

Journal Article
Corporate Tax Reform: Potential Gains at a Price to Some

Corporate tax reform has become a high-profile issue amid fears that firms are increasingly taking their headquarters and production facilities offshore and booking profits abroad. Adjustments to the tax system can help address these factors, though not without potentially introducing new issues.
Economic Letter , Volume 12 , Issue 6 , Pages 1-4

Journal Article
Social Security and Medicare: no free lunch

Southwest Economy , Issue Jan , Pages 1, 8-12

Journal Article
\"Tough Love\": implications for redistributive policy

Jason Saving explores the economic and political implications of "tough love" for redistributive policy. The American welfare system unquestionably helps support the least fortunate among us, but, in making poverty less onerous, it may discourage employment among some individuals. Traditional notions of altruism assume that compassion for the poor is measured by one's willingness to redistribute income but to the extent that more generous support for the poor actually encourages recipiency, welfare programs simultaneously mitigate and exacerbate the problem of poverty. A "new ...
Economic and Financial Policy Review , Issue Q III , Pages 25-29

Journal Article
On the record: Texas in better fiscal shape than most other states: a conversation with Jason Saving

The hardships of recession aren't confined to the private sector. Dallas Fed regional economist Jason Saving takes a look at how state budgets are faring in the long, deep slump--starting with Texas.
Southwest Economy , Issue Q4 , Pages 8-9

Journal Article
Federal Support Keeps State Budgets (Including Texas’) Healthy amid Tumult from COVID-19-Induced Economic Ills

An unprecedented federal fiscal response to the COVID-19-induced recession in early 2020 helped prop up state government finances even among states whose tax and finance structures put them at particular risk during a downturn. A variety of programs helped individuals, firms and jurisdictions avoid what some feared would be a catastrophic collapse.
Southwest Economy , Issue Third Quarter

Journal Article
Spotlight: health coverage misses many in DFW, Texas

The Dallas?Fort Worth metro area has a higher median income than Texas and a slightly higher median income than the U.S. as a whole (see chart). It recently ranked among the nation?s most attractive areas for job seekers. It even features prominently on lists of upper-income amenities such as shopping malls, spas and cosmetic-surgery expenditures per capita. Yet both Dallas and Tarrant counties feature uninsured rates that would rank among the top 10 states in the nation, with Dallas County?s 30.5 percent nearly double the national average.
Southwest Economy , Issue Q1 , Pages 15-15

Journal Article
Some pleasant economic side effects

Southwest Economy , Issue Jul , Pages 7-9

Skipping School: Enrollment Numbers Down for Students Ages 16–24 During Pandemic

Pandemic-related hardships likely contributed to a surge in the number of young people disconnected from school at both the secondary and postsecondary levels.
Dallas Fed Communities

Journal Article
COVID-19’s Fiscal Ills: Busted Texas Budgets, Critical Local Choices

COVID-19 and related economic shutdowns have raised concerns that state and local government revenues will fall short of expectations just as demand for services soars.
Southwest Economy , Issue Third Quarter

Journal Article
Texas Property Taxes Soar as Homeowners Confront Rising Values

A precipitous rise in the amount of property taxes Texans pay has accompanied an uncharacteristically large increase in property tax valuations. Because a variety of local jurisdictions provide services that elsewhere are state responsibilities?particularly public education?there are limited ways to rein in rising property taxes across Texas.
Southwest Economy , Issue Q3 , Pages 7-11




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