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Author:Rosenblum, Harvey 

Journal Article
Why Social Security should be privatized

Southwest Economy , Issue May , Pages 6-11

Journal Article
Interest rate volatility in historical perspective

Economic Perspectives , Volume 7 , Issue Jan

Journal Article
What reforms are needed to improve the safety and soundness of the banking system?

To further improve bank safety and soundness in the years ahead, the author makes two recommendations: that banks be examined and rated specifically on their organizational complexity and that systemically important banks that are too big to resolve quickly be recapitalized according to a model that is known in advance by their competitors and by the general public.
Economic Review , Issue Q1-2 , Pages 101-113

Journal Article
Breaking out of recession: gauging Texas’ response to Fed stimulus

From the time the U.S. recession began in December 2007 through the subsequent recovery, Texas and the Eleventh Federal Reserve District have outperformed the nation.While economic activity is better in Texas, it remains far from robust. And though Texas employment hasn?t fully reclaimed levels reached before the crisis, the other 11 Federal Reserve districts remain 3 to 8 percent below predownturn employment peaks as a postrecessionary disquiet lingers.
Southwest Economy , Issue Q3 , Pages 3-7

Journal Article
Assessing the costs and consequences of the 2007–09 financial crisis and its aftermath

There are few estimates of what society gave up due to the crisis: Our conservative estimate is $50,000 to $120,000 for every U.S. household.
Economic Letter , Volume 8 , Issue 7 , Pages 1-4

Discussion Paper
How bad was it? The costs and consequences of the 2007–09 financial crisis

The 2007?09 financial crisis was associated with a huge loss of economic output and financial wealth, psychological consequences and skill atrophy from extended unemployment, an increase in government intervention, and other significant costs. Assuming the financial crisis is to blame for these associated ills, an estimate of its cost is needed to weigh against the cost of policies intended to prevent similar episodes. We conservatively estimate that 40 to 90 percent of one year's output ($6 trillion to $14 trillion, the equivalent of $50,000 to $120,000 for every U.S. household) was foregone ...
Staff Papers , Issue Jul

Journal Article
Deregulation of the financial sector

Economic Perspectives , Volume 6 , Issue Fall

Journal Article
Can low oil prices cripple the Texas banking system?

Southwest Economy , Issue May , Pages 1-7

Journal Article
On the record: the dangers of complacency about risk: a conversation with Harvey Rosenblum

Dallas Fed Research Director Harvey Rosenblum discusses the stability of the U.S. economy's Great Moderation and how it set the stage for the financial turmoil that has gripped the nation since August 2007.
Southwest Economy , Issue Mar , Pages 8-9

Journal Article
Regulatory and monetary policies meet \\"too big to fail\\"

In 2010, the U.S. economy has been showing signs of pulling out of its tailspin. But questions remain about why it took so much monetary policy firepower to deal with the crisis.
Economic Letter , Volume 5



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