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Author:Romero, Jessica Sackett 

Discussion Paper
Demographics and Disparities in the Fifth District

Although the Fifth District’s black population tends to have higher employment and educational attainment compared to the nation’s, there are still significant disparities relative to whites.
Regional Matters

Loan-Delinquency Projections for COVID-19

The authors forecast the effects of COVID-19 on loan-delinquency rates under three scenarios for unemployment and house-price movements. Absent policy interventions, the model predicts peak loan-delinquency rates of 2.8 percent in the favorable scenario, 8.1 percent in the severe scenario, and 3.9 percent in the baseline scenario. The greatest reductions in delinquency are achieved through home mortgage forbearance and student loan forbearance, with fiscal transfers playing a smaller role.
Richmond Fed Economic Brief , Issue 20-05 , Pages 4

Journal Article
Jargon alert: Balance of trade

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Econ Focus , Volume 16 , Issue 2Q/3Q , Pages 10

Journal Article
All the City Was Dying

The Spanish flu pandemic of 1918-1919 was a major social and economic shock
Econ Focus , Issue 2Q , Pages 30-33

Expanding the Scope of Workforce Development

Workforce development efforts often are geared toward adult workers. But examining workforce development from the perspective of human capital theory suggests that earlier interventions may yield high returns.
Richmond Fed Economic Brief , Issue May

Journal Article
The House Is in the Mail

Economic History: {{p}} "Kit homes" from Sears and others were an affordable housing option
Econ Focus , Issue 2Q-3Q , Pages 24-26

Journal Article
American made : The manufacturing sector is stronger than you might think - but new vunerabilities are emerging

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Econ Focus , Volume 15 , Issue 4Q , Pages 12-17

Medical Spending in Old Age

Older Americans' health care spending is relevant to many policy questions. Recent research shows that spending varies considerably with income, as do funding sources for that spending. Overall, the government pays more for lower-income individuals than higher-income individuals, but Medicaid is not just a program for the young and the poor. It provides substantial benefits to older adults with higher incomes as well.
Richmond Fed Economic Brief , Issue May

Microenterprise and the small-dollar loan market

"Small business" is a designation that includes businesses of many different sizes with varying financial needs and access to credit. Microenterprises ? businesses with fewer than five employees ? are served primarily by the small-dollar loan market, which ranges from payday lending to microloans offered by nonprofit organizations and, to a lesser extent, loans from traditional financial institutions. This Economic Brief explores the need for and challenges facing the small-dollar loan market in the United States.
Richmond Fed Economic Brief , Issue May

Does Redistribution Increase Output?

According to conventional wisdom, wealth redistribution boosts output by increasing aggregate consumption. However, while redistributive policies can have a short-run stimulative effect on consumption, their effect on output depends, potentially quite importantly, on the nature of household labor supply.
Richmond Fed Economic Brief , Issue January



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