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Author:Rolnick, Arthur J. 

Working Paper
The banking crisis of the 1930s: new evidence from bank examination records

Working Papers , Paper 360

Congress should end the economic war between the states

1994 Annual Report essay
Annual Report , Volume 9 , Issue Mar , Pages 2-20

Working Paper
After Penn Square: the insurance dilemma

Working Papers , Paper 222

Journal Article
Interview with Anne O. Krueger

The first deputy managing director of the International Monetary Fund discusses currency boards, the resilient world economy and the importance of economic literacy, among other issues, with Minneapolis Fed Research Director Arthur J. Rolnick.
The Region , Volume 16 , Issue Dec. , Pages 24-31

Journal Article
The economics of early childhood development as seen by two Fed economists

Community Investments , Volume 19 , Issue Fall

Journal Article
Interview with Nancy Stokey

The Region , Volume 14 , Issue Dec , Pages 26-34

Journal Article
An early childhood investment with a high public return

The Regional Economist , Issue Jul , Pages 12-13

Journal Article
The University of Minnesota as a public good

Fedgazette , Volume 13 , Issue Nov , Pages 19

Journal Article
Lessons from a laissez-faire payments system: the Suffolk Banking System (1825-58)

A classic example of a privately created interbank payments system was operated by the Suffolk Bank of New England (1825?58). Known as the Suffolk Banking System, it was the nation?s first regionwide net-clearing system for bank notes. While it operated, notes of all New England banks circulated at par throughout the region. Some have concluded from this experience that unfettered competition in the provision of payments services can produce an efficient payments system. But another look at the history of the Suffolk Banking System questions this conclusion. The Suffolk Bank earned ...
Quarterly Review , Volume 22 , Issue Sum , Pages 11-21

Working Paper
Inherent instability in banking: the free banking experience

Working Papers , Paper 275


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