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Author:Rodriguez-Clare, Andres 

Working Paper
New-Keynesian Trade: Understanding the Employment and Welfare Effects of Trade Shocks

There is a growing empirical consensus that trade shocks can have important effects on unemployment and nonemployment across local-labor markets within an economy. This paper introduces downward nominal wage rigidity to an otherwise standard quantitative trade model and shows how this framework can generate changes in unemployment and nonemployment that match those uncovered by the empirical literature studying the “China shock.” We also compare the associated welfare effects predicted by this model with those in the model without unemployment. We find that the China shock leads to ...
Working Paper Series , Paper 2020-32

Discussion Paper
The role of trade in technology diffusion

This paper develops a two-country model in which trade is central to the process by which technology diffuses from the innovating country (North) to the backward country (South). Innovation in North leads to the introduction of higher-quality equipment goods that South can import only after some resources have been spent to adapt those equipment goods to the local conditions of South. Barriers to trade and policies that increase the cost of adapting equipment goods to the local environment decrease the rate of technology adoption, leading to a lower steady state relative income level in ...
Discussion Paper / Institute for Empirical Macroeconomics , Paper 114


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