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Author:Rodgers, William M. 

The Enduring Regional Economic Challenges Associated with the Pandemic

Families in the Eighth District states are already struggling because of the pandemic. Until COVID-19 is reined in, the economic effects will likely endure.
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Monitoring the Recovery of Vulnerable Workers and Their Families

Some vulnerable workers are experiencing a job recovery at the same pace as overall workers. But trends show little headway in narrowing pre-pandemic labor gaps.
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Labor Day Reflections on the COVID-19 Recovery

The Institute for Economic Equity’s inaugural director reflects on how U.S. workers and their families are faring today compared with last Labor Day.
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Vulnerable Workers and the State of the U.S. Labor Market

U.S. employment has remained strong since last Labor Day amid high inflation. If the labor market weakens, how would that affect vulnerable workers?
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What Is the Key to Improving Worker Resiliency in the Labor Market?

The tight labor market has helped most vulnerable workers recover. Improving the job matching process can help them keep their gains if conditions deteriorate.
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Young Adults without College Education See Uneven Jobs Recovery

Noncollege-educated young people, especially those who are Black or Latino, have experienced uneven employment gains in the most recent jobs recovery.
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The Current Labor Market for Workers with a Disability

People with disabilities can be a talent pool if employers reduce recruitment and workplace barriers.
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Journal Article
The weak jobs recovery: whatever happened to \\"the great American jobs machine\\"?

Authors Freeman and Rodgers find that the current recovery, which started in 2001, has been the worst in recent history in terms of job creation. They determine that the slow employment growth of the recovery is not attributable to the poor performance of a particular sector, nor is it concentrated in certain geographic areas. ; The authors conclude that the weak jobs recovery represents a major shift in the link between the labor market and the economy over the business cycle. They also find that the slow job growth has disproportionate effects on groups especially sensitive to business ...
Economic Policy Review , Issue Aug , Pages 3-18

Reducing Racial Employment Gaps for Young Adults without College Education

A robust jobs recovery and a strong economy have yet to significantly narrow racial gaps in employment among noncollege-educated young adults.
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The Great Retirement: Who Are the Retirees?

Millions of U.S. workers age 65 and older have exited the labor market during the pandemic. Who is more likely to retire?
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