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Author:Reinbold, Brian 

Trade and Gold Reserves after the Demise of the Classical Gold Standard

After the early 1920s, the relationship between gold reserves and trade flows was tenuous at best as the international payments system experienced heightened uncertainty and significant change.
On the Economy

Journal Article
Measuring Labor Share in Developing Countries

Oftentimes economists think of income in terms of its factor components: labor and capital. The labor share is the fraction of labor income over gross domestic product (GDP), while the capital share is similarly the fraction of capital income over GDP. The labor share used to not draw much attention from researchers because it was long considered to be constant over time. However, it is now well-documented that the labor share in developed countries has, in fact, declined over the last few decades, but evidence remains mixed for developing countries.
The Regional Economist , Volume 26 , Issue 1

Comparing Value-Added Trade and Gross Trade

Which one provides a more accurate picture of global trade? And what does the U.S. trade balance with several major trading partners look like for the two measures?
On the Economy

How to Achieve a V-Shaped Recovery amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

Contrasting the Great Depression and Great Recession recoveries helps show how GDP levels and growth rates can respond to different levels of policy responses.
On the Economy

Journal Article
Understanding the Trade Imbalance and Employment Decline in U.S. Manufacturing

Economic analysis suggests that a trade war with China can neither stop the decline in American manufacturing employment nor eliminate the U.S. trade deficit, but it could significantly reduce the welfare of American consumers by making U.S. imports of Chinese goods more expensive. Moreover, it could cause the United States to lose its global leadership in free trade and globalization and facilitate China's rise as a world leader in trade and commerce. A better approach may be for policymakers to design policies that can ensure fair redistribution of the gains from free trade among American ...
Economic Synopses , Issue 15 , Pages 1-3

Journal Article
Changing Trade Relations May Affect U.S. Auto Exports in Long Run

The proposed trade agreement USMCA and trade disputes with China may have an impact on the U.S. auto sector.
The Regional Economist , Volume 27 , Issue 1

Journal Article
Historical U.S. Trade Deficits

U.S. trade deficits appear to follow phases of industrialization.
Economic Synopses , Issue 13

Journal Article
Looking for the Positives In Negative Interest Rates

Negative interest rates may seem ludicrous since why would an individual buy a government bond with a negative yield, but this is what a central bank would like you to think. The central bank?s goal is to incentivize agents to shift investments away from government bonds to something more productive economically, thus stimulating the economy.
The Regional Economist , Volume 25 , Issue 4

Journal Article
Industry Mix May Help Explain Urban-Rural Divide in Economic Growth

Economic growth in U.S. rural areas may be slower than growth in urban areas because of a different industry mix.
The Regional Economist , Volume 27 , Issue 2

Journal Article
The Changing Relationship between Trade and America’s Gold Reserves

For much of U.S. history, gold reserves and trade flows were closely linked. That changed with the end of the gold standard.
The Regional Economist , Volume 28 , Issue 1




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