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Author:Price, David A. 

Journal Article
Interview: Mark Gertler

Econ Focus , Issue 4Q , Pages 32-36

Discount Window Lending: Policy Trade-offs and the 1985 BoNY Computer Failure

On November 21, 1985, the Bank of New York (BoNY) suffered a software failure that left it unable to redeliver securities it had received from other institutions as an intermediary. The result of the failure was that the bank sought and received $22.6 billion in discount window lending from the New York Fed, a record-setting amount. The episode presents a case study for considering when discount window lending and similar interventions are justified as a matter of efficiency, as well as the need for policymakers to take account of possible moral hazard that may lead to inadequate safeguards ...
Richmond Fed Economic Brief , Issue May

Journal Article
Book review: A capitalism for the people

Econ Focus , Volume 17 , Issue 1Q , Pages 39

Journal Article
Human Capital

Jargon Alert on Human Capital
Econ Focus , Issue 1Q , Pages 8-8

Journal Article
Book review: Depression and innovation

Review of Alexander J. Field's "A Great leap forward: 1930's depression and U.S. economic growth," published by Yale University Press, 2011.
Econ Focus , Volume 15 , Issue 3Q , Pages 46

Journal Article
Book Review: Reconsidering a Revolution

Liberty's Dawn: A People's History of the Industrial Revolution by Emma Griffin
Econ Focus , Issue 3Q , Pages 39-39

Journal Article
Research Spotlight

"The Changing Benefits of Early Work Experience." Charles L. Baum and Christopher J. Ruhm. National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper No. 20413, August 2014.
Econ Focus , Issue 3Q , Pages 9-9

The increased role of flows between nonparticipation and unemployment during the Great Recession and recovery

Labor market research often focuses on transition rates between employment and unemployment without analyzing the effects of transition rates into and out of the labor force. Current Population Survey data permit analysis of transition rates among all three labor force statuses. A study at the Richmond Fed examines the role of labor force participation in the dynamics of the aggregate unemployment rate across the four most recent recessions. This research finds an increased role for transition rates between nonparticipation and unemployment during the Great Recession and recovery.
Richmond Fed Economic Brief , Issue Jun

Estimating Aggregate Fiscal Multipliers from Local Data

Variations among regions in their responses to economic policies can be used to estimate the effects of those policies at the national level while minimizing or eliminating issues of reverse causation. Recent research has employed county-level data to look at the effects of federal government spending ? in particular, the 2009?12 stimulus ? on aggregate consumption.
Richmond Fed Economic Brief , Issue May

Recoveries from recessions associated with banking crises : how does this one compare?

Recessions associated with banking crises tend to differ from other recessions in that the weakness of the financial sector, particularly the limited supply of credit, encumbers the subsequent recovery. The recovery from the 2007-09 recession, compared to past recoveries from recessions associated with banking crises, is within the historical range in terms of its level of GDP growth. In terms of unemployment, however, the recovery from the 2007-09 recession is markedly weaker than the historical norm.>
Richmond Fed Economic Brief , Issue Nov




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