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Author:Poole, William 

After Greenspan: whither fed policy?

Presentation to the Western Economic Association International Conference (WEAI), San Francisco, July 6, 2005
Speech , Paper 1

Journal Article
A perspective on U.S. international capital flows

This article was originally presented as a speech at the Tucson Chapter of the Association for Investment Management Research (AIMR), Tucson, Arizona, November 14, 2003.
Review , Volume 86 , Issue Jan , Pages 1-8

Journal Article
Market bailouts and the \\"Fed put\\"

This article was originally presented as a speech at the Cato Institute, Washington, D.C., November 30, 2007.
Review , Volume 90 , Issue Mar , Pages 65-74

Journal Article
\\"Core\\" or \\"total\\" inflation: which is the Fed's focus?

The Regional Economist , Issue Oct , Pages 3

Inflation targeting

Presentation before the Junior Achievement of Arkansas Inc, Little Rock, Ark., Feb. 16, 2006
Speech , Paper 96

Journal Article
Agriculture outcomes and monetary policy actions: Kissin' cousins?

U.S. agriculture is a spectacular success story of high productivity growth maintained over an amazingly long period of time. Nevertheless, the industry today suffers from the same problems it has always suffered from: droughts, locusts and market disruptions. In this article, Kevin Kliesen and William Poole explain how monetary policy can contribute to a healthy agriculture sector. The reality is that the fundamental economic forces controlling the destiny of agriculture-high productivity growth, the hazards of nature, the low price and income elasticities of demand, and the instability of ...
Review , Volume 82 , Issue May , Pages 1-12

The Federal Reserve as a democratic institution

The Hutchinson Lecture, University of Delaware, Newark, Del. - April 28, 1999
Speech , Paper 79

Journal Article
Reflections of a monetary policymaker

The Regional Economist , Issue Apr , Pages 3

Milton and money stock control

Milton Friedman Luncheon, University of Missouri-Columbia, Columbia, Mo., July 31, 2007
Speech , Paper 118

Greece and the Euro

Global Interdependence Center, Annual Black Tie Gala in Celebration of Greece, Philadelphia, Penn., July 25, 2007
Speech , Paper 117


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