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Author:Perez, Michael 

Journal Article
Mexico’s ‘SOFOM’ Finance Firms Attempt to Broaden Loan Availability

The market presence of Mexican finance companies known as SOFOMES has expanded rapidly since the global financial crisis. The firms largely operate as independent outlets and provide financing to small- and medium-sized companies as well as to consumers for larger purchases. Authorities see SOFOMES as a way to expand credit to Mexico?s informal economy.
Southwest Economy , Issue Q4 , Pages 14-17

Journal Article
Mobile payments promise to improve financial accessibility in Mexico

Mobile phone-based financial services and other new technologies may hold the key to converting more of Mexico?s ?unbanked? residents, most of whom have traditionally operated outside the formal economy. Regulatory oversight of the new services is slowly evolving.
Southwest Economy , Issue Q3 , Pages 11-14

Journal Article
Spotlight: Anti-Money-Laundering Measures Challenge Global Banks in Mexico

Southwest Economy , Issue Q1 , Pages 10-10

Journal Article
Mexico’s Nascent Fintech Offers Promise, Faces New Rules

The number of financial technology startups in Mexico has rapidly increased, promising to expand financial services to a large portion of the unbanked population. Officials are hopeful new regulations will aid the industry?s development.
Southwest Economy , Issue Q4 , Pages 12-15

Journal Article
Spotlight: Mexico Development Bank lending rises following financial reforms

Southwest Economy , Issue Q4 , Pages 15-15

Journal Article
Banks Face Growing Cybercrime Threat

Cybercrime is on the rise in the Eleventh District, with reported incidents jumping 15 percent to 31,185 in 2018 and losses increasing 69 percent to about $220 million over the 12-month period, according to FBI data.
Southwest Economy , Issue Fourth Quarter

Journal Article
Mexico Seeks to Reduce Consumers' Longstanding Reliance on Cash

Cash is king when it comes to completing transactions in Mexico. Unlike the U.S., where consumers opt to pay with debit and credit cards or via apps, Mexico and its large informal economy continue to rely on hard cash. A new digital payment platform from the nation’s central bank aims to reduce the role of currency.
Southwest Economy , Issue First Quarter

Journal Article
Shadow banking reemerges, posing challenges to banks and regulators

Shadow banking has come roaring back and in new forms that still manage to escape bank regulation and could pose systemic risks since these activities remain deeply intertwined with traditional banking.
Economic Letter , Volume 11 , Issue 10 , Pages 1-4

Journal Article
Go Figure: Mexico Struggles to Move into Digital Payment Age

Southwest Economy , Issue Q3 , Pages 23-23




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