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Author:Peake, Makenzie 

How Much Does the U.S. Rely on Other Countries for Essential Medical Equipment?

On the Economy

Protectionism and Dependence on Imports of Essential Medical Equipment

The COVID-19 global pandemic has led to a surge in protectionism, which poses challenges to countries dependent on imports of essential medical equipment.
On the Economy

Journal Article
Poor Countries Catching Rich Countries in Education, but Not Income

Rich countries have had higher levels of education for a long time, but poor countries are catching up. However, the increased education for poor countries hasn’t translated to catching up economically.
The Regional Economist , Volume 28 , Issue 2

Journal Article
A Closer Look at China’s Supposed Misappropriation of U.S. Intellectual Property

China has significantly increased its payments for the use of U.S. intellectual property.
Economic Synopses , Issue 5

Journal Article
The Lost Weeks of COVID-19 Testing in the United States: Part I

The weeks lost due to inaction in the U.S. during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic resulted in rationing of tests and a large number of confirmed cases.
Economic Synopses , Issue 24

Journal Article
China’s Innovation and Global Technology Diffusion

China's technologies are diffusing rapidly throughout the world.
Economic Synopses , Issue 7

Journal Article
The Lost Weeks of COVID-19 Testing in the United States: Part II

In the U.S., the weeks lost due to inaction during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic helped spread the virus.
Economic Synopses , Issue 25

Journal Article
Observing the Earnings Gap through Marital Status, Race and Gender

In addition to race and gender, marital status appears to play a role in the earnings gap.
The Regional Economist , Volume 27 , Issue 2

Journal Article
Worker Diversity and Wage Growth Since 1940

Since 1940 the average worker has become older, more educated, more likely to be a woman, less likely to be White, and slightly less likely to be single. How has this evolution of the average worker affected wage growth, that is, the wage of the average worker? We conduct two sets of experiments: First, we decompose wage growth between a “growth effect” and a “distribution effect.” The former measures the effect of a change in the wage function, associating wages with worker types; the latter measures the effect of the changing distribution of worker types. Both effects contribute ...
Review , Volume 102 , Issue 1 , Pages 1-18

Taking a Closer Look at Marital Status and the Earnings Gap

Research suggests that married men’s higher income account for a significant portion of the U.S. gender earnings gap. Does this also hold when race is considered?
On the Economy




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