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Author:Office, Community Affairs 

Journal Article
Addressing mortgage delinquencies and foreclosures

Numerous programs, partnerships and other efforts--led by public, private and nonprofit organizations--are under way to reduce the number of delinquencies and foreclosures.
e-Perspectives , Issue 1

Journal Article
Rural Texas studies identify housing needs, challenges and strategies

Banking and Community Perspectives , Issue 3 , Pages 12-13

Journal Article
Asset building and the wealth gap

Building and maintaining financial security is increasingly difficult for a growing portion of American households. Wealth is less prevalent in middle-class households and increasing among the already well-to-do. At the same time, poverty is growing and concentrating disproportionately among the nonwhite population. As the cost of living outpaces income and wealth accumulation, a majority of U.S. households are ill-prepared for financial emergencies or retirement.
Banking and Community Perspectives , Issue 3

Community outlook survey

In July 2010, the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas launched the Community Outlook Survey, a quarterly online survey to assess community and economic development in the Eleventh District of the Federal Reserve System--Texas, northern Louisiana and southern New Mexico. ; This seven-question survey focuses on changes in financial well-being for low- and moderate-income (LMI) populations as well as service providers' capacity to serve the needs of these clients. The Bank uses providers' responses to measure increases / decreases / unchanged conditions from the previous quarter as well as ...
Community Outlook Survey

Journal Article
Banks building markets by building communities

Banks, their customers and the local community share the long-term benefits of meaningful community investments.
Banking and Community Perspectives , Issue 1 , Pages 3-8

Journal Article
The CRA and subprime lending

The Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) has been under much scrutiny amid the subprime lending bust. Critics of the CRA contend that the law pushed banking institutions to undertake high-risk mortgage lending. A Federal Reserve Board staff analysis finds that the CRA was neither a source nor driver of the housing market's collapse. In this issue, we examine the CRA and its role in the mortgage market and distinguish it from causes of the subprime failure.
Banking and Community Perspectives , Issue 1 , Pages 3-7

Journal Article
SBDCs: a one-stop shop for small businesses

e-Perspectives , Issue 5

Journal Article
Asset-building strategies in community colleges

The profile of an average college student today is not what you might think. The stereotypical image of a college student?right out of high school, living in the dorm, with parents footing the bill?is no longer the reality. Today, the typical college student is a working adult with one or more dependents and is juggling at least part-time work and full-time family responsibilities while pursuing college credit hours or a job-training certificate.
Banking and Community Perspectives , Issue 1 , Pages 3-8

Journal Article
Notes from the field: interview with Texas development finance manager

Banking and Community Perspectives , Issue 3 , Pages 18-19

Journal Article
Asset building taking root in rural communities

Postrecession, the asset-building movement continues to gain momentum across the country. Individuals and families pursue wealth-building strategies based on such time-honored principles as budget to save, save to invest, credit building, controlling debt and protecting wealth once it has been accumulated.
Banking and Community Perspectives , Issue 1 , Pages 3-10



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