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Author:Office, Community Affairs 

Journal Article
Earned Income Tax Credit: campaign urges taxpayers to file for unclaimed refunds

e-Perspectives , Issue 1

Journal Article
Restoring good credit: a first step to personal economic recovery

In the wake of the Great Recession, more Americans are turning their focus to personal financial recovery. Whether they are recovering from a setback such as unemployment or reduced income, increasing their rainy-day funds, shoring up retirement savings, reducing high-cost debt balances, or all of the above, consumers know that good credit is key to financial stability and success.
e-Perspectives , Issue 1

Journal Article
A national perspective on asset building

Leigh Tivol, senior program manager with the Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED) in Washington, D.C., presented the national perspective on the asset-building movement at the RAISE Texas Action Summit in April.>
Banking and Community Perspectives , Issue 2 , Pages 8

Journal Article
Earned Income Tax Credit: Bank One program helps low-income taxpayers

Many low-income working families are unaware that they can receive up to $4,140 in tax credits under the IRS' Earned Income Tax Credit program. Others file with commercial tax preparation services that charge not only a fee for the tax preparation and electronic filing but also high interest on refund anticipation loans. Bank One stepped up with a volunteer program to assist low-income people in preparing their tax returns and claiming the EITC. The bank also helped the filers open bank accounts so they could get their refunds by direct deposit.
e-Perspectives , Issue 4

Journal Article
Affordable housing coming to Dallas via transit-oriented development

Banking and Community Perspectives , Issue 3 , Pages 14-17

Journal Article
Asset building taking root in rural communities

Postrecession, the asset-building movement continues to gain momentum across the country. Individuals and families pursue wealth-building strategies based on such time-honored principles as budget to save, save to invest, credit building, controlling debt and protecting wealth once it has been accumulated.
Banking and Community Perspectives , Issue 1 , Pages 3-10

Journal Article
Measuring IDA program's impact

Since 2007, the state of New Mexico has invested $2.45 million to support Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) for New Mexico savers. This funding provides a much-needed local match required by federal IDA funding, which was awarded through the Assets for Independence Act.
e-Perspectives , Issue 2

Journal Article
EITC eligibility

e-Perspectives , Issue 4

Journal Article
Building healthier communities from the ground up

This issue of Banking and Community Perspectives focuses on some nonlegislative efforts to foster healthier communities, particularly in low- and moderate-income areas. These efforts are led by both public and private organizations across the Federal Reserve's Eleventh District.
Banking and Community Perspectives , Issue 2 , Pages 3-10, 12

Journal Article
Kids Bank encourages early saving in Fort Worth

A unique partnership between Unity One Federal Credit Union and Fort Worth's Washington Heights Elementary School created a "Kids Bank" that encourages savings and teaches children valuable financial skills that will benefit them for a lifetime.
e-Perspectives , Issue 4



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