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Author:Miller, Preston J. 

Working Paper
Optimal income tax in a monetary economy

This study examines the shape of an optimal income tax schedule in a monetary economy. In equilibrium, money?s role is to allocate resources across generations, while a tax-transfer scheme serves as a form of social insurance. It is found that the optimal real income tax with money can be progressive.
Working Papers , Paper 244

Journal Article
A simple way to estimate current-quarter GNP

This paper describes a method developed to predict the advance (first) estimate of inflation-adjusted gross national product (real GNP) using hours-worked data. Besides generating fairly accurate forecasts of advance GNP, the method has two implications. First, the Commerce Department seems to weigh the hours-worked data most heavily in its early estimates of real GNP but less and less so in its revised estimates. Second, analysts attempting to predict current-quarter outcomes in real time need to consider the availability and reliability of data at the time the forecasts are made.
Quarterly Review , Volume 13 , Issue Fall , Pages 27-31

The CBO's policy analysis: an unquestionable misuse of a questionable theory

The analyses of fiscal and monetary policies that the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) provides Congress tend to be biased, encouraging the use of activist stabilization policies. The CBO?s virtual neglect of economic uncertainties and its emphasis on very short time horizons make active policies appear much more attractive than its own model implies. Moreover, the CBO?s adoption of the macroeconometric approach fundamentally biases its analyses. Macroeconometric models do not remain invariant to changes in policy rules and are mute on the implications of alternative policies for efficiency ...
Staff Report , Paper 49

Journal Article
The right way to price Federal Reserve services

Quarterly Review , Volume 1 , Issue Sum

Journal Article
International coordination of macroeconomic policies: a welfare analysis

Quarterly Review , Volume 9 , Issue Spr

Working Paper
The policy procedure of the FOMC: a critique

Working Papers , Paper 63

Journal Article
Guest editorial: We have met the federal government, and the federal government is us

The Region , Volume 16 , Issue Jun , Pages 34-36

Some fresh perspectives on price-support policies

Trade protection remains a prominent feature of the current world economy and likely has significant effects on industries and macroeconomies. In this paper a particular type of policy, price supports, is analyzed in a two-country, dynamic, general equilibrium model. This model brings new perspectives to the analysis in that it is monetary and has labor mobility within countries between the traded-goods and non-traded-goods sectors. It is found that: (1) The introduction of price supports in an economy benefits only the agents currently working in the traded-goods sector. (2) Cooperation ...
Staff Report , Paper 266

Working Paper
National monetary policies in a world economy: a role for cooperation

Working Papers , Paper 268

Playing by the rules: a proposal for federal budget reform

Annual Report



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