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Author:McMorrow, Michael 

Discussion Paper
What Explains the June Spike in Treasury Settlement Fails?

In June of this year?as we noted in the preceding post?settlement fails in U.S. Treasury securities spiked to their highest level since the implementation of the fails charge in May 2009. Our first post reviewed what fails are, why they arise, and how they can be measured. In this post, we dig into the fails data to identify possible explanations for the high level of fails in June. We observe that sequential fails of several benchmark securities accounted for the lion?s share of fails in June, but that fails in seasoned securities?which have been trending upward for some time?were also ...
Liberty Street Economics , Paper 20140919a

Journal Article
Understanding the New York Fed's Survey of Primary Dealers

The New York Fed?s Survey of Primary Dealers plays a key role in the Federal Reserve?s understanding of market expectations for monetary policy and the economy, providing timely and comprehensive dealer insight into a range of topics. In recent years, the survey has evolved to reflect the changing macroeconomic environment brought about by the financial crisis and by the Fed?s move into new policy tools aimed at adjusting the size and composition of its balance sheet and giving more explicit forward guidance on the path of short-term interest rates. This study offers an in-depth look at the ...
Current Issues in Economics and Finance , Volume 19 , Issue Aug

Discussion Paper
Measuring Settlement Fails

In June 2014, settlement fails of U.S. Treasury securities reached their highest level since the implementation of the Treasury fails charge in May 2009, attracting significant attention from market participants. In this post, we review what fails are, why they are of interest, and how they can be measured. In a companion post following this one, we evaluate the particular circumstances of the June 2014 fails.
Liberty Street Economics , Paper 20140919b



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