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Author:Lopez, Jose Joaquin 

Journal Article
Banking industry evolution along the Texas-Mexico border

Southwest Economy , Issue Jul , Pages 11-13

Journal Article
Full steam ahead for Texas ports

Southwest Economy , Issue Nov , Pages 3-6

Journal Article
Cyclical differences emerge in border city economies


Working Paper
Production sharing and real business cycles in a small open economy

Production sharing and vertical specialization account for a significant share of trade between developed and developing countries. The Mexican maquiladora industry provides an ideal example of production sharing in a small open economy. The typical "maquila" imports most of its inputs from and exports all its output to the United States.> ; This article tries to determine to what extent production sharing, as in the Mexican maquiladora, can serve as a transmission mechanism of business cycles in small open economies. We utilize a simple two-sector small open economy model of real business ...
Globalization Institute Working Papers , Paper 05

Journal Article
Cyclical differences emerge in border city economies


Journal Article
Dynamic growth in the Rio Grande Valley

Southwest Economy , Issue Mar , Pages 11-13, 16

Journal Article
Mexico's financial vulnerability: then and now

Financial turmoil dots Mexico?s recent economic history. Between 1975 and 1995, the nation experienced recurrent currency, debt and banking crises with devastating effects on real economic activity. ; In Mexico, election years often heighten the risk of financial instability. Debt defaults or massive devaluations?or both?have accompanied three of the past five presidential elections. Given that history, it?s not surprising that questions about Mexico?s financial vulnerability have arisen with the approach of July?s presidential election. ; While the concerns may be understandable, Mexico has ...
Economic Letter , Volume 1

Journal Article
Revising the Texas index of leading indicators

The Texas Leading Index (TLI), produced monthly by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, combines eight measures that tend to anticipate changes in the Texas business cycle by about three to nine months.. ; The TLI was first published in the Dallas Fed?s Economic Review in July 1988. The index?s approaching 20th anniversary provides an apt occasion to review its real-time performance and look at ways it might be improved to keep up with the changing structure of the Texas economy and the availability of new data sources. ; We find that the TLI performed well in the one recession since 1990 and, ...
Southwest Economy , Issue Nov , Pages 3-7