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Author:Liu, Yang 

Journal Article
A report on economic conditions in the Little Rock zone

Burgundy Books , Issue 2Q

The environment is about economics, too

The cleanup cost of the April 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is estimated at $6 billion, not including the economic damage to the fishing and tourism industries, which will likely add several billion more. Proponents of stricter environmental regulation believe such catastrophes could be prevented at a reasonable cost. Opponents argue that many preventive procedures are too costly to justify, given the rarity of such incidents. Determining the right balance between preserving the environment and controlling costs is a difficult job for government regulators. Read the October 2010 ...
Liber8 Economic Information Newsletter , Issue October

Journal Article
Firm Size and Employment Dynamics

Large firms have been creating a significantly higher fraction of jobs since the Great Recession.
Economic Synopses , Issue 4

Journal Article
Banks and credit unions: competition not going away

Has the competitive balance tilted away from banks and toward credit unions, given the latter?s tax exemption and more-recent ability to draw members from wider pools? Whether it has or not, both industries have seen similar trend growth over the past 15 years?and, in fact, have come to resemble each other in many ways.
The Regional Economist , Issue Apr

Journal Article
A report on economic conditions in the Louisville zone

Burgundy Books , Issue 2Q

Journal Article
How low can you go? negative interest rates and investors’ flight to safety

It is not uncommon to observe negative interest rates during uncertain times, when investors flee to safety. But the existence of negative market yields provides no support for policies in which central banks set negative interest rates on deposits held at a central bank.
The Regional Economist , Issue Jan

Journal Article
Household financial stress declines in the Eighth District

The Regional Economist , Issue Oct

Journal Article
Understanding poverty measures and the call to update them

Official poverty rates are on the rise in the United States. But does this necessarily mean that more people can?t meet their basic needs? This article examines how poverty is calculated and looks at the criticisms of these measures.
The Regional Economist , Issue Jul

Journal Article
U.S. Job Polarization Persists

Job polarization has existed before, during, and since the Great Recession.
Economic Synopses , Issue 21

Journal Article
Doubling your monetary base and surviving: some international experience

The authors examine the experience of selected central banks that have used large-scale balance-sheet expansion, frequently referred to as ?quantitative easing,? as a monetary policy instrument. The case studies focus on central banks responding to the recent financial crisis and Nordic central banks during the banking crises of the 1990s; others are provided for comparison purposes. The authors conclude that large-scale balance-sheet increases are a viable monetary policy tool provided the public believes the increase will be appropriately reversed.
Review , Volume 92 , Issue Nov , Pages 481-506



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