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Author:Liu, Louis 

Journal Article
Passing Along Housing Wealth from Parents to Children

Young adults are more likely to own a home if their parents are homeowners than if their parents are renters. New research reveals how parents owning a home can lead to an increase in the persistence in homeownership across generations. Specifically, homeowner parents are often able to extract the equity value from their home to help their children purchase a home. This “dynastic” home equity enables children of homeowner parents who extract equity to accumulate approximately one third more housing wealth by age 30 than children of renters.
FRBSF Economic Letter , Volume 2022 , Issue 32 , Pages 6

Journal Article
Financial Market Conditions during Monetary Tightening

The current round of federal funds rate increases is expected to reverse a historically large gap between the real funds rate and the neutral rate at the beginning of the tightening cycle. Financial markets have reacted faster and more strongly than in past monetary tightening cycles, in part because of this large gap and the Federal Reserve’s forward guidance. Historical experiences suggest financial conditions could tighten even more given the size of the gap.
FRBSF Economic Letter , Volume 2023 , Issue 03 , Pages 6


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