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Author:Lemieux, Catharine 

Journal Article
Conglomerates, connected lending and prudential standards: lessons learned

Emerging Issues , Issue May

Journal Article
Points to consider when financing REITs

Emerging Issues , Issue Jun

Journal Article
Market discipline prior to failure

This paper examines pricing behavior for bonds issued by bank holding companies in the period prior to failure of their bank subsidiaries. The results indicate that bond prices are related to the financial condition of the issuing bank holding companies, and that bonds spreads start rising as early as six quarters prior to failure as the issuing firm's financial condition and credit rating deteriorate. Strong market discipline exists during the critical period -- bond spreads for troubled banking organizations are many times those of healthy ones. Our results suggests that bond spreads could ...
Emerging Issues , Issue Sep

Journal Article
Stumbling blocks to increasing market discipline in the banking sector: a note on bond pricing and funding strategy prior to failure

Emerging Issues , Issue Sep

Journal Article
Meeting the challenges : community bankers' views

Dramatic changes are occurring in our financial system and the pace of change is increasing. These changes provide opportunities for community bankers, but they also create new challenges. To explore how community banks will respond to these challenges, we asked Tenth District community bankers for their views on how their banks will be affected over the next five years. ; Our survey focused on four broad areas--bank and nonbank competition, operational matters, ownership and human resource concerns, and banking regulation's impact. In the first area, survey respondents expect to face strong ...
Financial Industry Perspectives , Issue Oct , Pages 7-20

Journal Article
Agricultural lending: what have we learned?

Emerging Issues , Issue Sep

China up close: understanding the Chinese economy and financial system (special issue)

In March 2007, the authors paid a weeklong visit to Beijing and Shanghai, China. In this article, they summarize some of the most striking impressions from their visit concerning the Chinese economy and financial system.
Chicago Fed Letter , Issue Feb

Journal Article
Small Business Lending After the Financial Crisis: A New Competitive Landscape for Community Banks

Community banks face growing competition, but also opportunities to partner with alternative lenders using technology to find borrowers and underwrite loans.
Economic Perspectives , Issue 3

Journal Article
Retail payments innovations and the banking industry

This study examines the impact of new payments technologies on the value of banking industry. Chakravorti and Kobor (2003) find that payment providers offer new payments products most often as a bundled service offering in order to retain their customers and with the expectation of increased long-term profits. Rice and Stanton (2003) estimate that payments revenue accounts for approximately 16 percent of operating revenue. According to Rice (2003), payments activities affect the value of the banking franchise and estimates of profit efficiency. A cross-section of bankers surveyed by Kellogg ...
Emerging Issues

Working Paper
Do Fintech Lenders Penetrate Areas That Are Underserved by Traditional Banks?

Supersedes Working Paper 17-17 Fintech has been playing an increasing role in shaping financial and banking landscapes. In this paper, we use account-level data from LendingClub and Y-14M data reported by U.S. banks with assets over $50 billion to examine whether the fintech lending platform could expand credit access to consumers. We find that LendingClub?s consumer lending activities have penetrated areas that may be underserved by traditional banks, such as in highly concentrated markets and in areas that have fewer bank branches per capita. We also find that the portion of LendingClub ...
Working Papers , Paper 18-13



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