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Author:Leibovici, Fernando 

Journal Article
Global Value Chains and U.S. Economic Activity During COVID-19

We investigate the role of global value chains in the declines of manufacturing employment and output in the U.S. during COVID-19. Specifically, we identify the role of global value chains by exploiting heterogeneity across industries in cross-country sourcing patterns and its interaction with exogenous cross-country variation in the containment policies introduced to combat the virus. We find that global value chains played a significant role in the decline of output and employment across U.S. manufactures. Moreover, we find a modest impact of diversifying or renationalizing global value ...
Review , Volume 103 , Issue 3 , Pages 271-288

Journal Article
The Economic and Epidemiological Impact of COVID-19 and Government Policies: Part 2

Health and containment policies were effective at curbing the spread of COVID-19, but at a significant economic cost. State-level economic support policies were effective at mitigating this cost and helped further curb the spread of the virus.
Economic Synopses , Issue 15 , Pages 1-3

Journal Article
Finance and Development: Evidence from Firm-Level Data

An analysis of cross-country data sheds light on the link between finance and economic development.
The Regional Economist , Volume 27 , Issue 3

Journal Article
COVID-19 Containment Measures, Health and the Economy

While COVID-19-related restrictions in 2020 spurred short-term rises in unemployment, states with stricter measures saw faster labor market recoveries.
The Regional Economist , Volume 29 , Issue 1

Journal Article
The Allocation of Immigrant Talent Across Countries

Immigrants are not only overrepresented in lower-paying jobs but are also paid less on average than native counterparts.
Economic Synopses , Issue 2 , Pages 3 pages

Journal Article
Trade Liberalization and Economic Development

This essay investigates the extent to which trade liberalization affects developed and developing countries differently. In particular, we examine whether exports respond differently to changes in trade barriers in rich and poor countries.
Economic Synopses , Issue 13 , Pages 1-2

Protectionism and Dependence on Imports of Essential Medical Equipment

The COVID-19 global pandemic has led to a surge in protectionism, which poses challenges to countries dependent on imports of essential medical equipment.
On the Economy

Journal Article
How Open to Trade Is the U.S. Economy?

The U.S. had very low tariffs overall in 2016, but there were exceptions.
Economic Synopses , Issue 21 , Pages 1-2

Social Distancing and Contact-Intensive Occupations

Some jobs certainly require more close interaction with other folks than other jobs. Which occupations are the most interactive, and which states have higher shares of these jobs?
On the Economy

Working Paper
Financial Development and International Trade

This paper studies the industry-level and aggregate implications of financial development on international trade. I set up a multi-industry general equilibrium model of international trade with input-output linkages and heterogeneous firms subject to financial frictions. Industries differ in capital-intensity, which leads to differences in external finance dependence. The model is parameterized to match key features of firm-level data. Financial development leads to substantial reallocation of international trade shares from labor- to capital-intensive industries, with minor effects at the ...
Working Papers , Paper 2018-015


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